Patrick Heads to Afghanistan · 3/27/2012

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Patrick Stophel - ( taken from Patrick's FB Page ) Patrick is a family friend from Gainesville. Florida )
Well i leave tommrow, i dont know what ill be doing or when but id just like to say a thanks for all the people that have been there. Dad, you've always been there for me taught me and helped me do everything, Mom thank you for giving me life and all the love in the world, Caleb thanks for being my brother i know it wasnt it easy but you always had my back when i needed u the most, Sam even though we never got along all the time i always whished the best for you, to my friends all of u were there for me like my family was all i can say is thank you for everything. Christina youve been the best girl friend ever i cant wait to come back to u and my family and ill always be thinking about u. Lori i know we had our fights too but i cant say that u havent done alot for me so its about time i say thank you for everything.
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Whitney Deriso Good luck and be safe out there.
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Patrick Stophel And Tony you've also taught me important things how to build and how to fish and you always had a cold beer on stand by for me i cant thank u enough for that, i love u all and ill come home asap
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Christina Elizabeth Decker Love you ?
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Lynn Barfield Love you very much...will ne thinking and praying for you every day!
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Georgina Kassum Be safe! We will be thinking of you!!!
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Lynn Barfield I am proud of you...and you have me crying but you are worth it!
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Caleb Stophel Love u patrick
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Jennifer Mercado Be safe pat me and Caleb r gonna miss you come home soon! XOXO
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Pamela Zelent Be Safe Patrick! We will all be praying for you and your safe return! We love you & are very proud of all your doing! You are a MARINE and you make us PROUD! God Bless!
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Lynn Barfield Pray for me as I will for you and all those with you!
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Christina Elizabeth Decker Not a day will go by when I won't be thinking or worrying about you, but you will always be in my heart so you won't be too far away.
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Samantha Fundenburg Good luck. Try and make the most of it, we'll see you soon!
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Victoria Lynn Gonzalez DeHaan wishing you the best - a safe flight - a safe tour - and a safe trip home - ;o}
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