Closet Shopping · 3/17/2012

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well had to repost this - and I did copy it - to paste it - but I didn't do it right away and copied something else before i pasted it - soooo - anyway - had a big crispy cold salad for lunch and some lemon water - have had another 40 oz of water since then -
I will enjoy a few bites of corned-beef, along with the cabbage and carrots tonight, a little corn bread and a cold green beer - I do not let this keep me from enjoying a few delights when a holiday rolls around - I know the holiday will be there next year - but I choose to enjoy it today - and juice again tomorrow - ;o} In the mean time, I am also enjoying 'shopping' in my closet - I bought a a few shirts for work a few years ago - they were a little snug on my belly - today - I have inches of extra room around the belly and my upper arms - ;o} I am also wearing a new pair of jeans - a 16 - not a women's 16 - but a regular 16!!
so my shirts size is down from an xxl to a 16 and my jeans are down from a w22 to a 16 reg. ;o} very happy.
ordering a compost bin to make some rich soil from all the pulp my juicing creates - have a huge tomato plant in the back porch - hoping to have more - ;o}


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