A Helping Hand of Encouragement · 3/13/2012

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agoBonnie - Hi Tori, are you strictly juicing? CAn you give me some advise on your experience. I just weighed myself and I have now put 8 lbs back on and I really need to be strict with myself to get at least 20 lbs off to kick start myself again. Please advise. I am 57 so the metabolism is down a bit, and I sit all day at work (which I HATE).
Tori Gonzalez -
Hi Bonnie - as of yesterday yes - juice, water, hot lemon water and some veg broth wehn I need something hot and savory - I make my juice at night - store it in half pint and pint size mason jars - I prefer a version of the mean green - but mix it up with some fruit juice too - I'm not as actve as I could be - hoe most of the day - do a little house work - and of course have a laptop on my lap - ;o/ I'll be out running errands today - which of course takes my mind off food - produce shopping is always fun cuz I tend to pick up new fruits to juice when I'm hungry -
always have something handy - a bottle of water or juice - I chew a lot of gum too - night time is hard - i'm a night owl and of course the munchies attack - last night - i just had a bottle of water and kept my mind on games, editing pictures and the tv. Been watching the new show 'Smash' it's prety good so far.
doing this again because I too put on 4 when I went off my last juice fast - but I know why - my husband brought home pizza - and fried chicken and one day I was out and got too hungry ( when you start shaking ) I stopped at wendys and got the new fish sandwich - ate it so fast - I didn't enjoy it - and the n of course felt guilty -
So here I am with a new pair of jeans hanging in the closet - one size smaller - and I am determined to wear them this weekend - ;o}

also - I have another goal - my mother-in-law is turning 80 in April - we are planning a big party - and I want to be under 200. I have one month to lose13 pounds - I can sooo do that - ;o}
Is there an event coming up that you want to lose a few pounds for? Do you have a goal outfit ? I had one - 3 months ago I had to lose about 7 inches in order to zip it up - 3 weeks I tried in on - and it zipped right up - still a little snug in the butt to wear out - but soon I know I'll be able to wear it out somewhere - not to dinner though. ;o}

Get that goal outfit and hang it where you see it every day - keep that event current in your mind like it's next week and not next month - keep juice ready - mix up some fresh fruit juice in the am for a morning pick-me-up - ( i know I said I went to wendys - in a momnet of weakness) but watching food matters and forks over knives - keeps me from pulling into the burger places -
I have on my travels - taken juice and nuts and carrots in a cooler - and I'll even stop at a grocery store instead of a convience store to shop in the produce section for snacks or juice ( naked, odwalla...)
I am rambling - hope some of this helps - ;o} And I don't have anyone here that is juicing the way I am - so it is hard having other foods in the house - like last night - I roasted a bunch of veggies - they looked and smell so good - but ya know I didn't even lick my fingers. LOL I am actually proud of that. ;o} One day closer to a short term goal - my long term goal is to lose another 60 to 70 pounds - so one day and one pound closer certainly can put a smile on your face. ;o}

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