Back on Track · 3/10/2012

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Back on track today - I actually did pretty good Wednesday and thursday - had a drive to Tampa and then over to Lake Worth to visit an Aunt - started the day with juice and water - after leaving Tampa - stopped to get a juice but the store didn't have the juice I wanted - so I got a cup of peeled pink grapefruit and some cashews - found out the grapefruit was packed in sugar water - needed to eat so I ate it anyway but threw out the sugar water - had a handful of cashews - strawberries are out and all over the highway - stopped and picked up an big box - dinner was a BK garden salad - not sure why they call is a garden salad - it was all greens with some cheese on top - anyway had that with some strawberries and baby cut carrots - and a bottle of water and 8 oz of green juice.
Thursday- morning breakfast at the hotel - a spoon of scramble egg and a few strips of bacon half a banana and some green juice and water - lunch was a big juicy golden delicious apple and more water - nibbled on some cashews too - not too many - dinner was at Cracker Barrel - the veg platter - sweet potato casserole, green beans, turnip greens, and something else I can't remember - went crazy and had a corn muffin with butter - yuck -
Had a bit of herhsey special dark chocolate bar - three pieces -
then good grief - got home about 9pm and my husband and the kids had pizza - without thinking I grabbed two pieces and a cinnamon stick - double yuck -
- then yesterday - green juice and lemon in the morning and I was out alone and let my self get too hungry - I stopped and wendys and got the natural fries and the cod fish sandwich - although I felt guilty with every bite - it was a guilty pleasure - that i won't need and don't want to partake in ever again -
up 4 pounds since wednesday - the fats and the salts - the nutrient free calories - did me in - so today I AM back on track - green juice and lemon water - making a fresh batch today - and doing housework - I want that 4 pounds gone by tomorrow night. ;o}


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