Second Life Interviews and Travels! · 2/13/2012

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Summary of Today's Adventure

Today I interviewed and explored the world of Second Life. I am finally gaining a grasp around this platform! I was able to meet some really cool people who provided me with some great information. My first travel took me to Mojo Beach where I met Molly Anne. She was very interesting! She was fairly new to Second Life and it was good to find out what she thought. I talked to Karen Meskin on the beach. She was very informative and gave me some great information on where to get some new clothes because mine were lacking style! I made a few attempts at talking to a Wolf, but politely declined, I also tried to talk to a gentleman who was a little upset with me because I interrupted his time with his girlfriend. I checked out a few night clubs to see how Second Lifers dance. I then found myself at the I love the 80s Club! This was by far my favorite destination on my trip. I met Joh Solo a Second Life veteran who frequents this club, we talked in a bush...This club had great music and some classic arcade games. It was a blast! My second trip in Second Life was very successful and I met a lot of cool individuals.

My Character and my thoughts on him

My character in Second Life does not look like me. He is pretty average looking, although I plan to make many changes as I get more familiar with the SL platform. I have modified my character to wear a long sleeve plaid shirt, dark pants, and dark shoes. He is pretty plain looking but I want to spice him up a bit! I eventually want my character to look like me in Real Life. I want the virtual community to see who I am. I have asked for input from others and many avatars have directed me to free clothes shops! Right now I am happy the way my avatar looks, but changes will come! My next venture will be gestures. Many avatars have some cool gestures that I would surely like to have!


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