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Craven Week, the festival of inter-provincial rugby played at schoolboy level every year, was this year held in Salisbury to mark the 75th anniversary of the Rhodesian Rugby Football Union.

Umtali was this year represented by five players in the Rhodesian "A" team. They were Peter Barber, Dion Kriel, Nicholas Reynolds, Anthony Shakespeare and Neil Viljoen.

The aim of the week is to promote good, clean, hard rugby and the two teams which produce this type oi rugby the most consistently have the honour; of playing the 4 o'clock game on the last day of the week. This year the honour went to Natal and Rhodesia "A" - a fact the more remarkable since the latter team had not yet won a match. On this occasion too, they were defeated.

The teams all arrived on Saturday, July 12, and settled in. This process continued until the. Sunday evening when a service was held in English and Afrikaans, making it twice as long as normal. Hard on its heels followed speeches from Mr. Jan Preuyt who is chairman of the South African Schools' Committee and from Dr. Craven himself.

On Monday the rugby proper started after the march past of the 24 teams participating. The proceedings opened with Rhodesia " A" being beaten by Eastern Province. Matches were played throughout the day, half the teams playing one day and the other half the next. Thus there were six matches a day, each team playing two games before Friday. The programme for Saturday was worked out according to the performances put in during the week. As a rough guide, the later in the day a team played, the more it had impressed the officials in its previous encounters.

Evenings were also lull, taken up with mayoral receptions, speeches, film shows and dinners. In addition, on the Friday, when there were no matches, all the teams were taken out to New Sarum, the Rhodesian Air Force base, where an interesting and impressive display was put on. That afternoon the Police presented a dress rehearsal of their annual display and impressed our visitors very much.

Saturday, 18th, the last day, was crammed with activity as 12 matches had to be played. The morning was spent watching Rhodesia "B" thrash their opponents and resting for the afternoon match a most trying time for the nervous system. As already noted Rhodesia " A " lost to Natal 8-24.

It was certainly an enjoyable and worthwhile experience to see a different, much harder brand of rugby than is played in this country. The organisers also deserve much credit for making the Seventh Danie Craven Week such a success.

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Extracted and recompiled from the Umtali Boys High School Magazine "The Borderer" dated 1970 by Eddy

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