The Passing of a Friend that I've Never Met · 11/19/2011

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Deborah Fugett Doss - AKA - 'Cat Lady Deb' - I met Deb here on OS shortly after I became a member.
I loved her stories she shared about her granddaughters and her cats.
She posted many pictures of her cats that she would manipulate with photo editing.
She put wigs and silly outfits on them. Too funny.
We're going to miss you Deb.
Many prayers sent for you family and friends.
And may God hold you in his arms tonight.
Love you, Victoria
If you'd like to leave a message for the family -
Someone asked me how I can love a friend who I've never seen!
I said....I have never seen the wind, but I feel it,
I love the wind in my face and a gentle warm breeze can touch my heart!
That's why I love you without seeing you! To my friends on Facebook and Our Story,
who I do not know in person but I love you dearly....Hugs and blessings... Keep it going... :+}
Thank you my friend, you have become important to me.


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