Halloween Treats · 10/30/2011

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About a month ago Carlos and I were at Michael's Craft store to get my pollinator pictures matted, and he found the candy knives. He thought they were cool and wanted me to make something, using them, for him to take to work. My first thought was eyeballs cupcakes, using fondant. But then I thought about eyeball cake pops with blood oozing out and dripping off. ;o}
So bought some lolli sticks and candy melts, mixed up some buttercream frosting and Michael and I made cakepops. Actually Michael mixed up the icing and made the cake. ;o}
I had a craving for a healthy Halloween treat, so I made a few caramel apples using the caramel wraps. Much easier than melting the caramel and dipping the apple. Two of the apples were quite big, so the caramel didn't wrap all the way round. But, you know, that's okay because the caramel is so sweet.


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