History and Architecture of San Francisco · 10/25/2011

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There's so much history on the streets and in the houses of San Francisco. The architecture has a varied, rich history from the Victorian to Edwardian to art deco. I thought I'd share a little tour of San Fran old and new. If you only have a day in San Francisco you should see two places, Alamo Square and Telegraph Hill. Alamo square is surrounded by some of the best and most varied residences in San Fran and some of the most iconic pictures of SF are taken here. Telegraph Hill has some of the best views of the bay and is home to what are believed to be the oldest residences in the city that survived the earthquake and fire that followed. If you're there you can see the flock of parrots that call this part of the city home, coit tower (an homage to the firefighters of san francisco) where on a clear day will let you see the Golden Gate to the bay bridge and 31 Alta Street which is believed to be the oldest residence in SF. Built by a Ship Captain so that his wife could watch his ships come and go from port, was also a speakeasy and a brothel before becoming a residence once again.

Thanks to Susan at the Bancroft library for the agreement to post the pictures here.

More info and pics are also at the realtor's site for 31 Alta which incidentally can be yours for 2.8Million but as it is San Francisco, don't expect a dedicated parking space with the house.


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