Hayden · 9/21/2011

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My son Hayden is 15 and is enrolled in a religion class called Seminary,his teacher sent us this note and I just wanted to keep a record of it for myself.It meant so much to me and my husband and as a Mother. If I can teach my children about God above anything else in their life, then I know for a surety that they will be successful.It is really what matters when you are here on this Earth and when you leave this Earth.I am thankful for this note although I do not take credit for it, I believe that Hayden has a special spirit about him and he teaches me daily.

Brother and Sister Austin,

"I just thought you should know how incredible Hayden is doing in seminary. I have learned in the past 3 weeks that when Hayden raises his hand I can expect to hear something really good. His answers are so solid in the gospel. Today, for example, we were talking about why we should put God first in our lives and he compared it to paying tithing. He said that "if you pay tithing First then everything else will just work out. The same thing happens when you put God first." For the next several minutes the class began to make comments about how that was true. It was really a sweet spiritual moment in class. You have taught Hayden the gospel well. He is solid. Thanks for raising such a strong young man in the gospel. You need to also know that Sidney is doing incredible as well. Take care."

Brother Kunz


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