Yamato Reunion, Chapter 10, "Dancing with the Stars!" · 8/13/2011

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Yamato Reunion 2009

Chapter 10

“Dancing with the Stars!”


Uninhibited Warriors have no problem filling the dance floor at each reunion. The dance floor is always crowded, and the line dance is no exception!   It doesn’t matter what class you were in, because Warriors mix with everyone. When the line dance music comes on, everyone joins in….after all who doesn’t want to do the line dance!  

The video above shows how much fun everyone has dancing across the floor. Just look at their happy faces, and their bodies moving to the beat! On this evening....Warriors look like Hollywood stars!


Line Dance


In many cultures, folk dances were known as line dances. In earlier times, men and women were not allowed to dance together in couple dances, so they  danced in separate lines. Today, the lines are mixed.

The line dance is performed in many forms. For example, pairs of lines in which the dancers face each other, or a line formed into a circle, or the line follows around the dance floor. Sometimes the dancers hold hands with their neighbor, use arm-on-arm-shoulder hold, or hold their neighbor’s belts.

Many line dances have come and gone through the years, but the “classic” line dance is still with us after many years. The line dance is danced in many parts of the world.                                                



"The Stroll"

(Clyde Otis & Nancy Lee)


Come, let's stroll

Stroll across the floor

Come, let's stro-oh-oh-oll

Stroll across the floor

Now turn around, baby

Let's stroll once more


Feel so good

Take me by my hand

I feel so goo-ooh-ooh-ood

Take me by my hand

And let's go strolling

In wonderland


Strollin', , strollin' aah-huh-uh

Rock and ro-uh-oh-oh-oh-oh-llin'


Well rock my so-oul

How I love to stroll

There's my love

Strolling in the door

There's my lo-o-o-ove

Strolling in the door

Baby, let's go strolling

By the candy store


Vonnie (Hoops-Vizcarra) Beattie

Class of 1960

Yamato High School

Air Force Japan Dependents School

Yamato Air Station, Japan


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