Appreciating OurStory for its Legacy Value · 6/16/2011

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Tonight I was talking to my son Grant, and we were looking at the entries he put into his OS timeline over the years 2005-2007. During that short period, he recounted not only contemporaneous events, but had accumulated over 100 fairly lengthy posts about his past and events that he recalled, some in response to questions I had posed to him, and many that he just voluntarily entered.

Now he is older, has a child of his own, and we wondered at the preciousness of these writings over time. They were certainly entertaining, and not just what he wrote, but what I and other family members added to what he wrote at the time.

This is somewhat happening on facebook, but not with the same clarity...I wish that OS had attracted more who would invest the time to create a legacy of their thoughts and words and feelings for their later years and for those who would follow them.


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