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Where did you live and where did you go to school as a teen?

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When I think of being a "teenager", I usually fall back to my memories of high school. My freshman year I was fourteen. I really consider my teenagedom to be 14, 15, 16, and 17. 18 was when I sturck out on my own foolish way and started figuring out the tough stuff before I really needed to. I didn't really feel like a teenager anymore so I don't really consider myself one at that age. Teenage in my mind is often synonymous with fun for me. Things weren't nearly as fun at that point.. Moving along..  Despite the fact that I consider St. Louis to be my "home" my teenage years were almost entirely transient. It's safe to claim my life since I turned 15 has been entirely transient.I often bounced back between my two parents and went to a number of different high schools. I was still in the Parkway public school system when I was fourteen. My parents both decided to send me away to a reform school in southern arizona near the border as a result of my poor performance there. I enrolled in the Fenster School of Southern Arizona. This was the kind of school where if you were bad they would put you to work out in fields and you were drug tested randomly. Not the most elegant place to achieve a higher learning, but regardless I did very well there. This in turn prompted my parents to enroll me in the antithesis of Fenster, The Interlochen Academy for the Arts. This is the top creative arts high school in the country people. (or so they claim, although the only famous musician to ever graduate was the artist "Jewel") Keep that in mind for later. I pursued my Visual Arts education there, with little focus or any form of discipline. My vocation at Interlochen was doomed because I had blossomed socially the year before at Fenster, and needless to say I had started to become severely interested in the various women around me. This school was nestled back in the woods of Interlochen Michigan. Beautiful and amazing. Despite the many appeals of Interlochen I decided to shirk my various duties as a student there and was pardoned the pain of being expelled and was kindly "asked to leave" by the administration for my poor performance. I returned home to my father's abode and succeeded in agitating the family there to such a defree that I was subsequently shipped into the Idaho desert for three weeks with no shower and little food for what I like to call a "punitive/reflective period" in the S.U.W.S. program. Once I'd returned from my foray into the desert my mother decided to accomodate me again as long as I could get into a High School. CBC actually accepted me (I think they said something to the degree of "Jesus Forgives You") and I returned to school there. My grades were fabulous the first semester and not so fabulous the second, I believe I failed math. In fact I remember the math teacher telling me distinctly that even If I got  100% of the answers on the test correct I still wouldn't pass, I immediately handed in my blank scan-tron. I returned to the newly built CBC the following year, but I had decided to leave the home at this point in time. I was no longer living with my mother and CBC refused me proper educational opportunity as a result. Probably a christian thing about familys and such. Needless to say I ended up getting my G.E.D. I remember being the first one out of the room. I was almost grossed out by the people I was taking the test with at Forest Park Community College. I was ashamed to be a part of it. But I got out of there first walking briskly past several pregnant women and into my future. Here I am..


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