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 I got a kick out of reading some of the commandments…..commandments that Yamatoites already follow!!! Having attended Yamato reunions since 1999….this is what I experienced:

vAll Yamatoites are charming, fun and well mannered.

vYamatoites talked more about the past than the present. 

vYamtoites practiced flattery…..if you want to feel good about yourself…..attend a Yamato reunion.

vYamatoites go to reunions to visit their past…..not to destroy their present. 

vYamatoites always show their appreciation to our reunion organizers.

vYamatoites come away from a Yamato reunion….   eagerly awaiting the next reunion.




A reunion isn't controlled by protocol, as a wedding is. And each class/school cultivates its own idiosyncrasies. Still, a few laws do govern high school reunions - natural, underlying laws that must be followed lest the gathering be thrown into chaos and confusion. 

1. Thou shalt not forget thine ordinary manners nor thy common civility, just because thou art amongst thine wild and crazy friends from childhood. After all, thou may wish to return at another time. 

2. Thou shalt not approach an old classmate with comments such as, “Thou certainly haven’t aged gracefully.” , “Thou have put on a few pounds haven’t you?”, “So who is thine plastic surgeon?”, “Is that a toupee?” or “Wow! Thou sure did bald early!” 

3. Thou shalt flatter thy classmates - falsely or not. All classmates look younger, thinner, and better looking than in their school days. 

4. Thou shalt tolerate the tiresome classmate and his/her tales of adventure, success, and wealth (at least for a little while). 

5. Thou shalt not play footsie with an old girlfriend/boyfriend unless thou and the girlfriend/boyfriend are both spouse-free.

6. Thou shalt not bring into conversation any most embarrassing moments stories about thine classmates unless thou hast arranged for therapeutic support systems. 

7. Thou shalt not talk about everything under the sun. Thou shall agree to disagree, and steer clear of such topics as the Iraqi Conflict (now and forever), abortion rights, gay marriage, gun control, Waco. 

8. Parents shalt not use intimate details of their kids’/grandkids’ lives as conversational fodder. (Boasts of children's/grandchildren’s accomplishments are acceptable, but parents/ grandparents shall be discreet in phrasing and timing.)

9. Thou shalt not snipe or carp. Sniping and carping about a reunion's lack of organization is an abomination. 

10. Thou shalt orchestrate spontaneous and frequent praise unto the reunion organizers. 


Vonnie (Hoops-Vizcarra) Beattie

Class of 1960

Yamato High School

Air Force Japan Dependents School

Yamato Air Station, Japan


 "Welcome to Vonnie’s World”


"My Yamato High School Website"




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