Yamato Reunion 2009 Chapter 6 "Alley Cats" · 5/14/2011

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Chapter 6

“Alley Cats” 

 On Friday, Oct. 16, bowling was offered for the very first time to Yamato Warriors, which took place (from noon to 3:00 pm) at the Gold Coast Hotel & Casino. This was the same location as our very first Yamato Reunion in Las Vegas back in 1999. My brother, Richard Hoops ‘64 and I ran into Amy Tabata ,65 & Marsha (Krickett) Krich ’64 inviting them to ride with us to the Gold Coast Casino. My Dave preferred to stay back and gamble!

My brother wanted to bowl, so we gals took off to the Noodle Exchange for some lunch. As we sat enjoying our lunch, Krickett, asked Amy & I if we ever experienced a "certain" happening in our life. Our eyes widened and our mouths dropped as Amy & I looked at each other…..almost falling off of our chair! After recovering from the shock I answered, “No Krickett….I can honestly say I have never experienced such a happening!” This was my introduction to Kickett…..who is definitively in a league of her own and without a doubt kept us laughing!  

After lunch, we wandered over to the bowling alley, to find Warriors filling several lanes. Some Warriors came by just to watch like, Ron & Sue Childers ’62. The first person I approached was Chris Pinkava ’73 & his son, Nicolas. I found Chris very open and charming. Chris is very animated when he speaks, and his hands kept brushing accidently against me….over & over. Each time he brushed against me, he would jump back and politely apologize. Finally, I started putting my clipboard in front of me, which made me laugh even harder.

I asked Chris if I could take a photo, and he said, “First….let me fix myself up!” Then his son, Nicolas, started working on his dad’s hair, which I thought was simply adorable. Nicolas is 23 years old, very tall and good-looking. Chris also has a daughter, Shannon, age 18. Chris is an Electrical Engineer and has been married for 26 years.

The next person I approached was Marty Wynn ’65 and his wife, Deborah. I had so much fun visiting with this couple, and Marty is another Yamato charmer. Marty answered all of my questions between taking his bowling shots. He looked so cute as he got into a bowling position, and then he would rush back to answer more questions. I told Deborah, “He has such a cute body!” I loved the way Marty gave me complete eye contact and a wonderful smile while we talked. As he spoke, the energy just flowed out of him, making him a pleasure to interview.

Marty met Deborah, in 1988 at a Cinco de Mayo celebration, and Deborah asked Marty, “What intrigue’s you?" Marty answered, “I don’t know!"  Marty told me, "I couldn’t let go of that question!” I asked Marty, “Do you know what intrigue’s you now?” He answered, “Excitement of life!”  Isn't that a terrific answer?

In 1999 Marty & Deborah went into business together renting exotic cars and Harley-Davidsons on Maui. The company grew to be the largest Harley and exotic car Rental Company on Maui.  Through the next ten years they met & serviced many famous people. The company motto is, “Don’t Dream It….Do It.”

Check out the company at: http://www.alohatoystore.com/ 

Marty proposed to Deborah on 1-9-09 and they were married on 1-17-09.  I asked Marty why he waited so long to get married and he answered, “It took me a long time to get over a broken heart!” Deborah is the perfect gal for Marty….she is pretty and very accomplished.  At one time Deborah was heavily into Auto Racing, winning two National Championships in the sport of Auto crossing. She also has a great sense of humor, and made me laugh when I asked her, “What do you like about Marty?” She answered, “Nothing anymore!”  

Marty and Deborah left Hawaii, moving to the mainland to care for Marty’s mother….after his father died. Marty brought his mom to the reunion, and I was so touched, when I saw him feeding her over breakfast one morning.  In jest....Marty said, "She knows how to manipulate me....she works me good!" 

George Payne '62 & Patricia were so sweet when I approached them with my clipboard.  George thought he was signing up for lunch!  He must have been hungry.  :-)

Don (YHS) Trent 1972/MD is the jokester among us, and in his words, “The other handsome one!” It is always a pleasure to see Don at our reunions, and of course he couldn’t resist taking my hat off and placing it on his head!

I met Frederick (YHS) Sales Jr. 1974/CO for the first time at this reunion, and immediately noticed how well-dressed he was. Frederick is in good shape and everything he puts on his body looks great! Not to mention his wonderful smile.

Masato Kobayash (YHS) Bisnett 1973 is an excellent bowler, and I believe he got the highest score on this day. (Correct me if I am wrong) Masato is so full of life, and always carries a wonderful smile on his face.

I especially find the guy's I interview to be very free and open with their lives....sometimes telling me things I cannot write! :-)  Oh….how I wish there was enough time to interview each and every Yamato Warrior, but of course that is impossible.  I know there are so many wonderful stories among us…. 

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