Yamato Reunion 2009, Chapter 4, Yesterday Once More · 5/7/2011

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Yamato Reunion 2009

Chapter 4

“Yesterday Once More”

The Tucany Suites & Casino (close to the strip) proved to be the best choice ever….for Yamato Warriors to gather together.  Unlike the larger casino’s, the Tucany is small enough to make Warriors feel like they are “once again” just hanging out at the teenage club.  

For example, the front lobby (with couches) was a popular gathering place, and excitement filled the air as Warriors started arriving for the great big party! In fact, once you leave your room it is “next to impossible” not to run into a Yamato Warrior. I will never forget the day a couple of us were walking down the hall toward the casino area, when the absolute adorable, Bob Mutu ’66, arrived out of nowhere. He ran up to me and gave me a wonderful hug….as my hat fell to the floor. Another time, I heard someone call out, “Are you Vonnie?” It was Vikki Buffington ’62 and her husband, Sam….our very first meeting. That is how it is when you see fellow Yamato Warriors…..unbelievable excitement.

Now let me add, that I did not know Bob Mutu when I was at Yamato High School....our friendship blossomed through our Vegas reunions. So, if your friends from long ago do not attend the reunion, I promice you will make new friends. Each and every class shares the same memories of those glorious days from our youth. After all…..who else would fully understand why we put such importance on our Japan memories….

The spacious standard room at the Tuscany is 650 square feet. All rooms have a small fridge, coffee maker & microwave. You can book a room in the main casino area, where all of the activities take place. Or…you can book a room in one of the surrounding buildings, which are set up much like a condo or apartment community.

At the Tuscany, you will find a fitness center with an outdoor lap pool and Jacuzzi.  If you need to do laundry, there is a coin operated laundry room. I noticed that Jim Ranes ‘’62 took advantage of the pool area….with lots of grass area where you can spread blankets and hang out with your friends. There are four restaurants in the Tucany listed below:

Cantina (Mexican)

Marilyn’s Caf? (American)

Beachfront Caf? (Pizza)

Tuscany Gardens (Italian)

Room Service (7am to 10;00 pm) Marilyn’s Cafe

The main lobby was so much fun. I saw my brother, Richard/Anthony Hoops ‘64 arrive, and many others. Cheryl Skipton ’64 and Larry arrived with Cheryl holding her laptop and the ever present book….Cheryl is an avid reader. Paulette Peacher ‘61 arrived looking much thinner & proudly wearing her Japanese happy coat. In the photos of me with my brother, Richard/Anthony Hoops ’64, I am wearing a Yamato medallion & my Yamato Class Ring on chain around my neck. I was so touched when Yamato teacher, John Kessel mailed this medallion to me as a gift. Even though we have never met, I was honored that Mr. Kessel chose to give his medallion to me.  I will treasure it forever.....  

One evening, Jim Ranes ’62, Dan Iki ’63, Amy Tabata ’65 and I were sitting around the main lobby when Jim Ranes said, “The first thing I notice about a woman is her hair!” Amy and I looked at each other and started fixing our hair….laughing our heads off. On this same evening, live music was playing in the nearby Piazza Lounge, when Dan & Amy started dancing away in the lobby….just like they did when they attended the Yamato High School prom together.

Suddenly……it was yesterday once more…..

   Yesterday Once More

The Carpenters

When I was young

I’d listened to the radio

Waitin’ for my favorite songs

Waiting they played I’d sing along

It made me smile

Those were such happy times

And not so long ago

How I wondered where they’d gone

But they’re back again

Just like a long lost friend

All the songs I loved so well

(*) every sha-la-la-la

Every wo-wo-wo

Still shines

Every shing-a-ling-a-ling

That they’re starting to sing’s

So fine

When they get to the part

Where he’s breakin’ her heart

It can really make me cry

Just like before

It’s yesterday once more

Lookin’ back on how it was

In years gone by

And the good times that I had

Makes today seem rather sad

So much has changed

It was songs of love that

I would sing to then

And I’d memorize each word

Those old melodies

Still sound so good to me

As they melt the years away

Repeat (*)

All my best memories

Come back clearly to me

Some can even make me cry

Just like before

It’s yesterday once more

Vonnie (Hoops-Vizcarra) Beattie

Class of 1960

Yamato High School

Air Force Japan Dependents School

Yamato Air Station, Japan

 " Vonnie’s World”

"My Yamato High School Website"






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