Carry each other's burden.... · 4/26/2011

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An urgent family crisis required a young professional football player to fly across country alone with his two-year-old daughter. It sounded easy enough, at first.

Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.
--Galatians 6:2

But by the time he had his luggage, the baby's bags and toys, and the baby in his arms, he wasn't so sure. Nonetheless, he and his daughter finally got to the airport and took their place in line along with their bags.

Like everyone else, he kept inching forward in the line. He kept the baby entertained, bouncing her in his arms, and somehow managed to keep his carry-on and the bag of baby supplies and toys on his shoulder.

When he finally was checked in, he pulled everything together to head for the gate. And he heard a soft voice coming from behind him. It gently said, "Excuse me, sir?" He turned thinking maybe it was a fan wanting an autograph. But what he saw shocked him.

Standing behind him was a petite older woman with beautiful gray hair. She smiled saying, "You might need these things."

She held a baby blanket, a pacifier, two stuffed toys, a small storybook, and several clean diapers. The football player glanced back over his shoulder to see a nearly-empty baby bag. The whole time he was in line, the baby had been emptying the bag behind his back.

And this lovely woman, seeing this man with his hands full, had been quietly collecting and carrying each item that the baby dropped, as well as her own items.

As the football player began to apologize for her extra burden she said, "No apologies are needed. This is what I was here for."

We can learn a lot from this woman!

Carrying someone else's burden isn't about making some grand gesture or being a hero. It's about doing the right thing at the right time for someone who needs a hand.

The next time you're among people ask the Lord, "Is there someone I can bless while I'm here?" Maybe you will be just the right person to help carry someone's burden.

Prayer Challenge
Ask God to help you see the little things that you can do to bless and encourage people who are struggling on life's path.


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