Thank God For The Vet. Adm. · 4/17/2009

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I wrote this , 4/17/2009,,Cleaning out my Drafts

Being retired, and 100% disabled,,Ptsd,,allows me to get my teeth fixed.

I had two teeth that broke off, even with the gum line, within two weeks of each other, this past November. I went to the VA, and all they did was give me pain meds, and tell me, they would put me on a list, to get a local Dentist, to fix them.

Two months went by without a word, until I called up there and started raising heck with them. Finally they sent me the paperwork.

They contract out, with any Dentist, that will accept what they pay, for Dental work. Most Dentist won't, and I had to call about twenty in the local area, to find one who did.

Then I had to go into the Dentist office, for an exam, and he faxed the VA results of that exam, what he thought should be done,,,$7,500 worth. The VA made me come back up there, so their Dentist could confirm, I needed that work.
Then I got to make an appointment with the semi local Dentist,,which took another three weeks.

When I finally got in to see him, I got them to schedule as much work in each appointment as possible.
Today was my last appointment, for actual work done,,with a surprise root canal that wasn't on the list. My Dr, fixed it anyhow, not even mentioning who would pay for it,,,,but found out later, the VA would cover it. I go back in three weeks to get my permanent crowns, and cap.

I draw enough from my retirement/disability, to live a very comfortable middle class existence. However, with two boys who aren't totally independent, and elderly parents who need financial help,,occasionally, I have to dip into my savings.
Having to spend that much money on my teeth, would of been a disaster. However, I would have,,but sure as Heck, was glad I didn't have to.

Andrew, my new main squeeze,,as Tina calls him,,lol,,,is retired from The British Military,,and our benefits are a lot better than what he gets.

So, I'm very fortunate, to not have to take out of my own pocket, 5 crowns, 1 cap, two root canals, and replace three fillings. My teeth were a mess, and my fillings had been in for 40 years.

It's a shame, we don't have some kind of National Dental plans,,cause, if it hadn't been for the VA, don't know how, or rather how long, it would of took me to get them fixed. And yes, every one of them was hurting like heck, before the Dentist,,who is BTW, a GREAT Dentist, and has the best staff, of anywhere I've ever been.

My friend Sandra has two brook teeth, just like I did, and she can't afford it,,not counting if she needs root canals. She doesn't want to pull them of course,,and she is only 46. All her life she was a high paid, power secretary, with Great Benefits,,until two years ago, when she started having heart problems and had to go on Disability.(a pacemaker, and defibrillator,,


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