Thoughts · 3/21/2011

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Man,,I hate moving, but, I'm tickled to death to have a New House,,,that's mine..big yeah. :)

Wow, Our Story has improved a bit. At least you can post some pics,,,:) I even got two screens open, and listening to some music while I write. It's amazing how Music effects your mood. Especially with a cigarette and a cup of late coffee.

Started keeping my dog Jack inside. He's previously an outside dog. He loves it,,except when I play Gypsy Jazz,,,doesn't like that for some reason. Start Wearing Purple,,isn't one of his favorites.:)

What will tomorrow bring? I don't know, but I'm excited about it!

I've burned bridges from the people who aren't healthy (or doing healthy things),,,made new connections/friendships with people who are!
That's exciting; I love making new friends! Love their expression on their faces, when they say, You would do that for me.:) Of course I would, That's What Friends Are For.:)


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