Blessed Christmas · 12/22/2010

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Christmas season is here again,
Trees glisten with fresh fallen snow,
Every where you look homes are decorated with bright colorful lights,
Carolers singing the ole time hymns;
"Joy To The World" and "Silent Night."

The children are asleep, all snug in their beds
Waiting for Santa to appear.
Dreaming of toys they had asked him for,
They tried to be especially good this year.

Mom and Dad were settling down with a hot cup of tea
Before they started on Susie's baby buggy.
When they noticed the manger scene so calm and serene
They reflected on the reason of the Christmas Season.

Why Jesus was born so long ago and the
Wisemen who followed the Star
To see the Messiah who was promised to all and
How the Angels appeared to the shepards that night
Singing "Glory to God in the Highest, Peace, Goodwill toward men."

In the stillness of the night they bowed their heads
and whispered a prayer
For all the lost souls who knew not the Light.
They prayed mankind would remember that
Jesus is the reason we celebrate Christmas
and the true meaning of "O Holy Night."

written by Janet Franklin 1996 I think but it was inspired by the Lord

Christmas Eve was most of the time spent with Steve's family at his sister. We'd come home afterwards and I'd stay up wrapping gifts. It was my quiet time for Christmas and I'd have the little town I had set up all lite and this cute little manger scene I used to have. This one night I was just thinking about how most people think of Christmas as a time for food and gifts and I looked over at the manger scene and the words just came to me. I had to work on it a little bit till I got it just right ;o). I'm terrible with puncuations though but the words came from the Lord. That year we didn't have snow but I visualized the trees covered in snow and how it used to be in high school and later church we'd go to the nursing homes and certain families and sing carols. People don't do that much any more and it's a shame.
But that is how I came about writing Christmas. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to use it if you want. Thank you and God bless.


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