~~DEB~~~PRAYERS WERE ANSWERED~~~ · 10/15/2010

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As I posted on FB this afternoon Our Deb the CatLady is going to be ok...Praise GOD!!    I talked with Lizzie and her Mom  will probably get out of ICU tomorrow and into a room of her own...She came through the surgery fine and didn't have to be on the respirator at all!! 

I called Deb on the 11th and her very best friend had made it there to be with her through all this that she had to go through....I am so happy for her and her family and all the prayers that have been said for her!

Lizzie also told me that her Dad had bought Deb a laptop and she would be on line from the hospital as soon as she felt up to it....So lets all thank God for our Deb!!

We all Love you! 



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