Memorial Weekend...... · 6/7/2010

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Judy and I went to D.C. for the "720th Military Police Reunion" over Memorial Day weekend. We flew down Thursday morning and came back to Maine Tuesday. My first time to visit the wall and to see the engraved names of fallen comrades. I had visited the traveling wall on two separate occasions before, but it's nothing like seeing The Wall in Washington. We visited all of the Memorials and viewed the 'Changing of the Guard at Arlington Cemetery'. Every aspect of the trip was enjoyed, except for sitting in New York's 'LaGuardia International Airport' from noon until 11:45 in the evening on our way home. Thunder storms raised havoc up and down the east coast that day. I've attached a few pictures that I took on our visit. The 'Name' being pointed to on the wall, was my good friend, Charley "Chuck" Damsgard. He lost is life on an ambush point that we had set up just outside the Long Binh ammo dump, on the evening of December 8, 1966. Just two months into our tour. "RIP"


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