Whidbey Island Mini-Reunion · 3/7/2010

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Whidbey Island




 On September 23, 2002, Yamato Warriors gathered together for a mini-reunion on Whidbey Island, Washington, hosted by Nancy Schwed Bixby, Class of 1964.  The reunion was held on the Bixby farm (AKA) Bush Point Farm.  Most of the guests were from the Seattle area, with the exception of Teddy Gough ’66 and her husband, Bill, from California.

The gathering began around mid-morning, and everyone brought salads, yummy deserts, and whatever they wanted to BBQ.  Warriors brought their yearbooks and spent most of the day just talking about their days at Yamato High School.

The sign below directed everyone to the beautiful farm.



The Japanese fish flag, the Japanese flag and the American flag hanging from a tall pole below…..was another nice touch.  The Japanese flag has a real history; it was loaned to Nancy by a very good friend from a neighboring ranch, M-Bar-C.  Dick Francisco, who actually obtained that flag while in the Marines during WWII. 

Koinobori, meaning “carp Streamer” in Japanese was invented centuries ago.  These carp-shaped windsocks are flown on Boy’s Day to celebrate a family’s male offspring.  One windsock per son in the shape of a carp (embossed with the family crest) blows in the wind from the top of a bamboo pole. These carp sets are flown above the roofs of houses with sons, ranging from the biggest (black) for the father, next biggest (red) for the eldest son, and to the smallest for the youngest son.  The Koinobori range from a few inches to a few meters long.   Koi, meaning carp includes both the dull grey fish and the brightly varieties.  In Japanese, the Koi is called Nishikigoi, meaning brocaded carp and are also symbols of love and friendship.  It is believed that Kori, which can swim against cascade eventually do become a dragon.  It is a destination that only a selected man can get to.  Kori are now sold in pet stores, and Kori tattoos have become a popular trend in North America.


 Below is the famous Koinobori Son is often sung by kids and their families.







Higher than the roof-tops are the koinobori

The large Black Carp is the father

The smaller Golden Carp are the children

They seem to be having fun swimm


As you can see, everyone had a good time.   If you missed this one, another mini is in the making!  We are calling out your name……

What:  Yamato High School Mini-Reunion

When:  July 31, 2010

Where:  Whidbey Beach Cabin (Pot luck dinner)

Who:  All Yamato classmates (and guest) no matter where you live!

Contacts:      Cheryl Skipton, 64   

                          Amy Tabata, 65

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