SasuSaku · 1/11/2010

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I love the title!!! XD

SO anyway, I saw this AMV(anime music video) called 'Shattered(SasuSaku)' by KheartsTerra and I love it!!! It's about Sakura and Sasuke from Naruto who I just love!!! And if you don't like them or whatever, you can just go screw yourself. I like them so don't go bashing them!! I just find their relationship fll of sadness and a bit of angst in it. I just love those kind of relationships. I think their relationship is cute as it developes along in the stroy. At first Sakura only likes Sasuke for what he is seen as. Cool and slient(or something like that) like every other girl. Only when she is paired up with him as Team 7 that does she realize her liking him and such is shallow. As the story goes, she tries to improve herself for him, herself and Naruto(I think. It's been way too long since I have watched the anime). She want to be strong and prove herself to Sasuke. Along the way, while watching the series, I realized that as Sakura's grows, she proves that her liking and loving of Sasuke is genuine. When she learns of his past or when she watched him turn into something by the curse mark, she did everything in her power to help him.

Sadly it wasn't enough. The idiot had to leave the village in order to find the power to defeat his brother(who, by the way, is hot XD Also he killed his family is bad D: ). Sakura tries everything to make him stop, even confessing her love for him in order for him to stay. She even said that if he didn't stay, that she wanted him to take her with him. Now, if that is love or something then what is?

Honestly, after whatching that AMV, I felt kind of sad cause I've kept up with the manga so I know all what is going on and such. It's a sad relationship really. I want them to be together but I know they can't cause of the currant situation. They probably won't end up together anyway, but that doesn't mean I like the couple any less. I suddenly feel the inspiration to write!!! That enough for now. If you ever get the chance, watch 'Shattered(SasuSaku)' by kheartsterra. It's a great AMV.


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