2007 Yamato Reunion ~ Chapter 14 ~ Mandalay Bay · 9/28/2009

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 Chapter 14

Mandalay Bay



Whenever Richard Shintaku, Class of 1964, attends one of our Yamato Reunions, he offers the services of his Medical Center to Warriors during their stay in Vegas.  Richard is the owner of the Harmon Medical Center, which is located right on the Vegas strip.  Richard also offers Warriors free entry to the “House of Blues Foundation Room” at the top of the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino & free entry to the private “Lake Las Vegas Resort.”

Since we stayed an extra day in Vegas, we invited Shalah/Ron Smith Lightfoot 1964/VA, to join us for dinner at the Mandalay Hotel & Casino for dinner.  After dinner we found the entrance to the House of Blues Foundation Room, where all we had to do was give our names and we were directed to the elevator that took us to the very top of the Mandalay Bay. 

The Foundation Room (owned by House of Blues) is a member-only nightclub, bar and lounge, created for the “who’s-who” of the Vegas elite.  The themed private rooms can be rented for parties & weddings and they will customize their services to fit anything their “rich customers” desire. Since Yamato Warriors are the “elite” of Yamato High School, Japan.....we fit right in!

The Foundation Room has the feeling of an old mansion with many of the wall panels taken from the original Kellogg estate.   The decor is filled with artifacts from Africa, India and the Far East....along with traditional American folk art.  Large velvet couches and dark wood tables facing the fireplace invite guests to sit around and enjoy cocktails with friends.  The outdoor patio and dining area offers a spectacular view of the Vegas Strip.... especially at night.  If you have money to burn.....this is the place to get away from the crowds and enjoy an intimate and delicious dining experience.

  The Kellogg Estate

The Kellogg Estate was originally constructed in the mid 1800’s.  Francis Eliza Osborne was born in the house and lived there until her death in 1956 at the age of 80.  When her father died in 1907, Francis at the age of 24 took over the family business, against the advice of the executers of her father’s estate.  Francis believed that one should always buy land but never sell it, and was very successful in her many business dealings and investments.   This was quite a bold move for a woman during that period of time.

At the age of 43, Francis married Waldo Stewart Kellogg, a New York architect who was trained at Cornell University and Paris.  Following his death in 1928, Francis remained dedicated to her business and civic responsibilities.  Francis accepted adversity as a challenge and is quoted as saying, "AlL my life has been a series of hurdles. I no sooner get over one than there is another ahead...with the bars set a little higher."

The Kellogg’s owned and operated two successful farms known as, The Osbornedale Farms.  A breeding farm for prize winning Osbornedale Holstein cows, and a milk-producing dairy farm of Jersey cows.  The Kellogg home is now a museum directly across from Osbornedale State Park.  The house was remodeled in 1920’s, and listed on the Register of Historic Places.  The restored interior displays the original contents of the estate with a collection of antiques and fine arts.  Mrs. Kellogg deeded the Estate and farm to the State of Connecticut, and after her death in 1956 it became Osbornedale State Park. 

  The End

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