2007 Yamato Reunion ~ Chapter 6 ~ Breakfast at Harrahs · 10/14/2008 · 9/5/2009

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Chapter 6


Breakfast at HarrahsClick

After strolling in from the Mai Tai Lounge very late the night before, I was still tired the following morning.  We had plans to meet Cheryl and Larry for breakfast, and as I was getting ready the phone rang.  Dave answered the phone and then announced that we were to meet at the Buffet downstairs.  Still not quite awake, we arrived early (we thought) but no one was in sight.  After walking the entire restaurant, I looked for the nearest chair and asked Dave, “Are you sure they said Buffet?”  That’s when I decided to call Cheryl on her cell, and learned that they were in the Cafe.....not the Buffet!   By this time....Buffet! Cafe!......it all started to sound the same to me!  

When we finally arrived at the cafe, we found two more couples were joining us for breakfast.....which was a nice surprise.  When I put this video together, I suddenly realized that all four couples  present that morning....have happy and longtime marriages.  Here they are:

In honor of Ken Crandall 1961/Margo Loe Crandall 1964/ID, the song, “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You” by Elvis Presley is playing on the video.  Ken and Margo met in Japan, and hung out at the Tachi Teen Club.  This became their song, because (back then) Ken didn’t think he could dance very well, and would only dance with Margo to this song.  Well......they are still dancing together....43 years later!  In Margo’s words, “   Ken and I are very close. We are best friends, and that is always our advice for new couples. Be best friends first; then let the love develop from there. It takes a lifetime to satisfy both together!”

I met Ed DeGennaro 1964/CA & his darling wife, Carleen for the very first time on this morning.  I quickly learned that Ed was a jokester, and couldn’t get a straight answer out of him.  Of course this didn’t stop me, and I later found out that Ken Crandall and Ed DeGernnaro were buddies at Yamato High School.   They were also in boy scouts together......isn’t that adorable?  During that time, Ken & Margo used to double date with Ed & his girlfriend.  These guys managed to stay in touch through the years, and when Ed & Charlene married, they visited Ken and Margo on their Honeymoon to Alaska.  They have been married for over 40 years now.  The four of them are as close as family, and in spite of the distance between them they get together every year or so. 

I met Cheryl Skipton Runyon 1964/WA & her husband, Larry, for the first time at our 1999 Yamato Reunion.  The day Dave & I met these two.....was a very lucky day for us.....and they have become our very special friends.  Cheryl and I first met over the Internet on buddy chat, and we clicked almost immediately.  I remember laughing my head off when Cheryl told me how she and Larry met.  Since Larry and Cheryl’s brother were buddies, Larry was always hanging out at Cheryl’s house.  There was something about Larry’s long blonde hair....wearing 501 Levis & barefoot.....that caught Cheryl’s eye.  (Every parent’s nightmare!)  Well.....parents don’t know everything, because Larry turned out to be a fabulous husband, father and son-in-law.  You won’t find a better guy anywhere!  These two have been happily married for 40 years now.

Vonnie Hoops 1960/Ca and her husband, Dave just celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary on Xmas Eve 2007.  We met at Humphrey’s Business College in Stockton, Ca, and 10 months later we were married.  Some predicted we wouldn’t last two years, but we sure fooled them.  What kept us together all of these years is still a mystery.  All I know is, “I STILL get dizzy when he kisses me!”  My Dave has always been there for me....through the thick and thin......and I can’t imagine life without him. 

So what keeps couples together?  Perhaps the words in the old Elvis Presley song says it best......

 Like a river flows surely to the sea

Darling so it goes

some things are meant to be

take my hand, take my whole life too

for I can't help falling in love with you


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