2007 Yamato Reunion ~ Chapter 10 ~ Candid Shots · 7/31/2009

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 Yamato Reunion

Chapter 10

“Candid Shots”


The photos on the video above reveal our fun-loving Warriors. For example, the “Yamato swimsuit” modeled by Olivia Esposito 1974/CA & Wally Maroney 1973/CA is a....must have!

At this reunion, our Webmaster, Dan Iki 1963/HI, set up his laptop with a webcam, so Warriors could chat with Warriors who couldn’t make the reunion. But let me tell you....nothing compares to being there! As for me, I was too busy dancing myself crazy! Dan Iki also gave swing dance lessons in the ballroom after the decorating was completed. I was sorry to miss this, because I was too busy being an “Uptown Girl!” 

And of course at each and every reunion, Mike Skidmore 1969/OK, always has a beautiful display of Yamato memorabilia to share…along with music CD’s and Yamato items for sale. The CD’s are filled with the old tunes we listened to back then.

When you go to a Yamato Reunion you suddenly feel free….free from any worries or stresses you may have back home. Then….suddenly (without warning) the teenager in you emerges and you become wild and irresponsible..... 

Bobby Darin

 Call me irresponsible

call me unreliable

throw in undependable too

Do my foolish alibies

bother you

well I'm not too clever

I just adore you

Call me unpredictable

tell me I'm inpractical

rainbows I'm inclined to pursue

Call me irresponsible

Yes I'm unreliable

but it's undeniably true

That I'm irresponsibly mad for you

go on and call me unpredictable

tell me that I'm impractical

rainbows I'm inclined to pursue

You go ahead call irresponsible

I admit I'm unreliable

but it is undeniably true

That I'm irresponsibly mad for you



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