2007 Yamato Reunion ~ Chapter 9 ~ Dinner · 5/2/2009

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Yamato Reunion


 Chapter 9


Well….it was Saturday, October 6, 2007, and this would be the last celebration, because the 2007 Yamato Reunion was once again coming to an end. This is the evening that everyone looks wonderful all dressed up in their evening attire. If you think Warriors are “good looking” now…..just wait till you see them all dressed up!

Warriors enjoyed a traditional buffet dinner in the Fuji room of the Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino. What could be more fun, than enjoying a meal with your Yamato family? My Dave loves to attend Yamato Reunions and always says, “They are different!” And let me tell you….getting Dave to attend other reunions…..is a major problem in our house! For example, a reunion was coming up for Dave’s school recently, and I wanted to attend. Dave said, “I don’t want to go!” I said, “Dave, you will see people you haven’t seen in years and I would like to go to this reunion.” He answered, “Then go!” With those words….the fight was on!!!!

So….what makes Yamato Warriors so different? Warriors just happen to be a group of people who place a “high value” on their Yamato High School memories. After all…..who are we…..if we don’t remember our roots? I believe we learn all about life…..right there in high school. High School is a time when our “true self “emerges….and we take this part of ourselves into adulthood. We may go on to reach much success in our life, or even become rich & famous….but we can’t change the core of who we are. It is this unchanging part of ourselves……that draws us back to our past. How many of us have returned to a house  & neighborhood we once lived in….only to find that it is no longer the same. For example, Goldie Hawn knocked on the door of a home she lived in as a child, and was delighted when the new owners invited her inside. I have returned to my childhood home, which has changed drastically. The once country setting is now surrounded by houses, and the house itself….is unrecognizable. As I walked around the grounds my heart filled with a mixture of sadness and joy….and I knew this was a place that I will probably visit again one day….in spite of the changes.

On the slideshow above, you will see a piece of wood cut from one of the tables in the Tachikawa Teen Club. You will see the letters (RC + ML) etched into the wood. High School sweethearts, Ron & Margo Crandall, went on to marry, and are still happily married today. When you attend a Yamato Reunion, you can’t help but feel the magic that takes place as Warriors greet you with love & open arms. Who else but Warriors will see the real you….instead of the aging person you have become! So it doesn’t matter if you are bald, fat, hard of hearing and forgetful….all that matters is the person your friends remember from long ago.


Once you have return home from a Yamato Reunion….you feel as if you have just returned from a summer place…..

Theme from "A Summer Place"

     Performed by: Percy Faith

      Words by Mack Discant, music by Max Steiner

     From the 1959 film, A Summer Place, starring Sandra Dee and Troy Donahue

      #1 hit instrumental for Percy Faith in 1960 

       Lyrics as recorded by The Lettermen in 1965 (#6)

There's a summer place

Where it may rain or storm

Yet I'm safe and warm

For within that summer place

Your arms reach out to me

And my heart is free from all care


For it knows

There are no gloomy skies

When seen through the eyes

Of those who are blessed with love


And the sweet secret of

A summer place

Is that it's anywhere

Where two people share

All their hopes

All their dreams

All their love


There's a summer place

Where it may rain or storm

Yet I'm safe and warm

In your arms, in your arms

In your arms, in your arms

In your arms, in your arms


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