2007 Yamato Reunion ~ Chapter 8 ~ Dinner/Dance Introductions · 4/28/2009

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 Yamato Reunion


Chapter 8

Dinner/Dance Introductions

Our time in Vegas went so fast and before we knew it.....we are all dressing up for the last celebration…..the dinner/dance. We were all filled with a mixture of excitement and sadness…..because we knew we would have to say good-bye....once again. Much like high school, when we would have to leave our friends every two years or so…The 2007 reunion marked another fun-filled event; thanks to our hard-working reunion committee below…..

Wally Marony ‘73

Nancy Houston ‘71

Pat McGlamory ‘73

Cher Carey ‘68

The evening started off with our reunion committee acknowledging those special Warriors who give their precious time to our reunions. A moment of silence was taken as we all bowed our heads in remembrance of those Warriors who have passed on.  They may not be with us in body…..but their spirits are always present at each reunion.  

Every year a generous group of "Lady Warriors" donate Japanese items and Brat related items to be raffled off. Who wouldn’t want to win one of the beautiful Oriental quilts made by Cher Carney, Class of 1958? Bob Mutu 1966/CO brought down the house when he won the beautiful kimono, which he joyfully modeled all the way back to his seat.  The money raised from the sale of raffle tickets goes into the reunion fund to pay for reunion expenses such as:  Registration Fees, Hotel Deposits & all things related to organizing future reunions.

Kay Dawson, 1968/Japan, did a beautiful job of reading “Finding My Roots” by Mike Skidmore 1969/OK. Kay read this story with such emotion, that it left many of us teary eyed. You can read Mike’s  story by clicking: http://www.ourstory.com/thread.html?t=366130 

During introductions an origami ornament was placed on each dinner table as a gift for each person in attendance. Kay Dawson, stood before us, and delightfully told us the story behind these tiny oriental ornaments.  In Kay's words:

“The last time I came to a reunion was two years ago, and when I got back my mother-in law said, “Why didn’t you tell me you were going a reunion, I would have given you something to give to everyone?” I said, “What!” She said, “I’ll make those little origami balls.” Now.....it takes about 40 origami papers to make one ball. The large sheet.....my job was to cut it into fours, and then she took the little pieces and folded them....and then  had to refold them the other way....and then put 40 of these together to form one ball with tassels. She said, “How many do you think will attend?” I said, Ohh....about 150 to 250.” She said, Okay, I’ll make 250....so you start cutting paper!” So two years ago, after getting back from the reunion, I started cutting paper!  She made these....she made these for all of you. My mother-in-law is 96 years old! She said, “Take these as a memento.”  To me.....to make so many, I couldn’t even do it....and I am....(Laughter)  She said, “Take these as a memento.”

Vonnie has her origami ball displayed in her studio, and will treasure it forever....and a great big "Thank You" to Kay's mother-in-law for her special gift to all of us. 


Last, but not least, Warriors from the earlier years at Yamato always receive a cane from Michael Ripley 1972/CA.   Mike creatively designed this cane with head lights, horn, mirror and a reflector. The year I received my cane, I will never forget Xavier Maruyama 1962/CA (instead of dancing) taking my cane onto the dance floor and experimenting with each of the gadgets. I couldn't help thinking, “Men are just....little boys at heart!”

After introductions we enjoyed a “Traditional American Cuisine Buffet” and then the dancing started as we “splished & splashed our way to the dance floor…..

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