Alberta government spends $60,000 on survey of leisure activity · 3/8/2009

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Thanks, Natalie, for bringing this story to our attention. Here is a brief summary of the piece. Is this "much ado about nothing"? Or have the taxpayer lobbyists got a point?

EDMONTON — "A government survey that cost $60,000 has discovered that walking is the favourite leisure activity of Albertans." The next two most popular activities were golfing and camping followed by reading, swimming, hiking, cycling, jogging and running, fishing and gardening. Apparently the "survey helps government plan future recreation, parks and leisure activities in Alberta." However, there is nothing new in these results -- they've been seen consistently over the last few years.

Especially when the Alberta Government is running a deficit, "The Canadian Taxpayers Federation says the survey was a waste of money and the provincial government needs to control its spending better." Scott Hennig, Alberta director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, says, “This government needs to learn how to prioritize, and soon, or we’re going to end up broke.”


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