'Special Delivery' By 3 Squadron · July 20, 1965

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The photo (photo 1) below was submitted to ORAFs by Peter Huson, B.S.A.P, and is of a Mini Moke being off-loaded from Dakota in Bulawayo for the Federal Trade Fair. Peter believes it was 1963 or 1964.

Peter is the driver of the Moke and is hurriedly looking where the vehicle keys are situated. whilst Alan Bradnick, (photo 4)oversees proceedings.

The Pilot on on the left and looking at you is Tony Smit (Photo 2)
The Flight Engineer in the doorway is Alan Heeks (10 LAR Engines) (Photo 3

Incidental information. Watch Alan is wearing (Photo 5)reflects a time of close on 16h40. The Trade Fair was held in May perhaps Alan or Tony would be able to track down the actual date of the photo from his log book and aircraft number?
Many thanks to Peter Huson for sending the photo to ORAFs.
Thanks to Ron Jarman - Pete Nisbet and Rusty Theobald for their help with names.



Mike Ongers Writes:-

I think you have got the time wrong, the person is wearing the watch on the right hand which makes the time 11:05am


Tony Smith Writes:-

I would suggest the time on Alan's watch is 11.04 not 16.40! The way I see it, is that Alan is left handed and wears his watch on his right wrist?
Cpl. Colombo signing out from OZ!!


Peter Huson Writes:-

I see that you are trying to pin down the date of the Mini-moke being flown to Byo for the Trade Fair. One of the ex-BSAP chaps reminds me that as I was wearing Section Officer's bars on my epaulettes, the event must have been after January 1965, when our new rank insignia/structure came into being. I am pretty sure that it would have been the 1965 Trade Fair, as I went on long leave in September that year and was in the U.K. when UDI was declared. (And that's another story!)


ORAFs Writes:-

Date has been corrected for the date of the article in accordance with Peter Huson's comment.


André Du Plessis Writes

Great photo, but I disagree about the time on the watch. I say it's more like 11h05, and I think the shadows agree with a time closer to midday. If it was 16h40 the shadows would have been much longer.


ORAFs Writes:-

Just a correction, it was not André Sely from Cape Town who mentioned the time on the watch, it was me, André du Plessis from Pretoria.

This has now been corrected.


Tony Smit Writes:-

Hi Eddy and all Rhodaf's,

Attached is a scanning of my logbook from 1965. This picture was most probably taken during this trip, and the time would be more like 11.05. I don't remember if we were loading or unloading the Moke. The Dak was 707.

Maybe we can hear form Alan Bradnick - Hi Groob!!, how are you doing.

Regards to all,

Tony Smit

Thanks to Tony for sharing his memories and records with us.


Les Booth Writes:-

Thanks for the article, but the Moke made me smile. They were real fun cars to drive around and were fairly cheap at the time.

Not now though – have a look at http://www.carandclassic.com/car/C43529 and about half way down the list you will come across a 1965 model for £9995.

If you think that is steep, note the 1964 Cooper S for £35,000

Don't you just wish you kept a few of those cars


Peter Huson Writes:-

The Moke was definitely being unloaded, and after the Trade Fair, it was handed over to C.M.E.D. Bulawayo for re-issue to the BSAP.


Peter Huson Writes:-

You remember the photo of the delivery of a Mini Moke by a 3 Sqdn Dak back in December last year and the subsequent correspondence. I have just found an old press cutting (attached) which is from the Bulawayo Chronicle of Wednesday April 28th 1965, which says that the delivery date was the day before Tuesday April 27th 1965. So now we know.

Postscript from Eddy Norris
The caption to this newspaper cutting reads:-

Air force men help to ease this police Wee Bee—a Mini-Moke—off the plane which brought it from Salisbury to Bulawayo yesterday. The Mini is gradually replacing most motorcycles of the BSAP in rural areas around Salisbury. A four-seater with a cruising speed of 60 m.p.h., the Wee Bee is to be on show at the Central African Trade Fair.

art art

Fascinating story from Southern Africa a few years before my time :-) Thanks for sharing :-)

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