What would happen in the Year 2008? · 12/26/2008

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What would happen if Jesus had been born today and not so long ago?
I got this from my daughter in german and had to translate it, but it is too good to not share it with all of you.

The headline would read:
Baby found in an animal shelter!
Family Services and Child Protective Agencies have been notified.
Carpenter from Nazareth and his under age female companion arrested.

Bethlehem, Judea
The police was notified in the early morning hours by a concerned citizen that there was a young family hiding out in an animal shelter. Upon arrival at the scene, the police immediately notified DFS, there was a new born baby that had bee wrapped in rags and was sleeping on a skimpy bed of straw in a feed-through. The 14 year old mother, a certain Maria H of Nazareth, was arrested and taken to Jail.

A Joseph H> and several Sheppard's that had tried to stop DFS from taking the Mother and Child, have also been arrested.
Three unidentified men, seemingly being of middle eastern heritage, have also been found at the scene and taken in custody. Homeland Security has been notified to take this case over. The origin of these 3 men have been declared as suspicious and they have been classified as illegal aliens in this country and the luggage they had with them had been searched.
A spokesperson of the FBI said that there had been no identification found but several seemingly illegal substances and a significant amount of gold.
The 3 men are insisting that they had been send by God to hail the birth of this little child. A criminal psychiatrist has been ask to come and check out the mental health of all involved. The unidentified chemical substances have been transported to the CSI lab.

As for the current placement of the infant, the FBI reserved the right to keep that a secret. he statement was made that there is no quick solving of this case.
A DFS spokes person declared that the father of the child was a middle aged man and the mother was definitely not of age. DFS is currently investigating the case and Joseph of Nazareth may be looking at a long stay in Jail with several charges being brought against him.
Maria H. was transported to the Bethlehem Psychiatric Ward of the General Hospital. She insisted that she is still a virgin and that the Child came from God. Her mental state has been declared unstable.
In a official declaration of the head if the Psychiatry it was said that he believes that everyone should have the freedom to believe and practice what they want, but when this believe endangers other human beings, in this case the new born infant, then it should be interfered with and taken care that no one gets hurt. People like that should be classified as dangerous and for the sake of the greater human kind be put in a secure place.
He also stated that he was certain that with the right treatment and care, these people would be healed and released in a few Years.
The Shepard's that also had been present in the shelter stating that they had been contacted by a big person in a white dress and wings at their place of employment, they had been ordered by this strange person to go to Bethlehem, find the animal shelter and celebrate the birth of this child.
All Shepard's have been taken to a Detox Center since they are very obviously have been under the influence of some sort of Drug. After Detox they face charges of participating in the endangerment of this infant.
This reporter is happy to report that all participating persons have been secured and taken in some sort of custody or the other. Homeland Security, The FBI, Internal Revenue and several other Governmental Agencies have been involved and are doing their best to solve this puzzling event.



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im going too copy this to my timeline

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