Christmas 2008 at the Curtis House · 12/25/2008

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It' is now 10am and 18 degrees Fahrenheit out there. The sun is out and warming things up, no white Christmas this year though.
I took the luxury this morning to sleep in till 8am, then got up to get the fire going and feed the animals. Got a good strong pot of coffee going and here I am now. Still in my jammies, hot coffee on the table, looking at my Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.
Saturday at the Turkey Give-Away, there was one lonely ol' tree left behind. It was totally bare on one side and did not have much on the rest. So I took it home to dress it up and gi9ve it a good place to spend Christmas. Somehow I known it was left for me to take care of it.
Since I did not put my tree up yet, it was perfect. I had planned on putting my white fake tree up and blue ornaments, but that was not to happen.
I went looking for the decorations, found the tree in its box, found some lights, no ornaments to be found anywhere. I have no idea where my Christmas decorations went to. Maybe someone needed them more then I did and took off with them. I have a few antique bulbs that came from a box someone dropped off at the church, so out came the fake snow stuff and I decorated the plain ones, polished up the others and started hanging them on the little tree. That was after I had to manufacture a stand for it since I could not find a one of the four tree stands we have collected over the years.
I had bought a few garlands for the doors and windows, but well they ended up in the tree. A little pulling here and pushing there and this started to look like a proper Christmas tree.
Then came the important part: every free second I had and still have, I sit and fold stars, little 3-dimension paper stars I learned how to make in second grade in Germany. It is amazing what a person can remember after all these years. I did have to go on-line and refresh my memory on how to fold them. I must have folded 50 Stars to hang on that tree and it is really starting to look good. Maybe when it is time to take it down I got it looking real good.
So this morning I got all my animals taken care off, Kim got his meds and is in bed with acid indigestion and mega pain and I am sitting here in my still messy Livingroom trying to get a little Christmas spirit going here. It is not happening. To me it feels like just another day and I do not know why.
Maybe it is because there is still soo much to do, maybe it is because my washing machine gave up it's live yesterday and I still have gobs of laundry to do.
I got plenty of turkey and there is only Kim and I to eat. Cat took Devin to town to spend Christmas with their friends, no kids, I miss Steven so much.
Yesterday, our friend Leigh came by and we put the tin roofing on the Horse shed, So now that is all done and I do not have to worry about mu Horses when it snows. That is a good thing and I am thankful for friends that come and help me with those things. That was better then some glitz present under the tree. Thank you Leigh.
And then last night Joy from Church came and handed me a big box. When I opened it, it was a brand new, not even assembled electric chain saw, 14 inches of electric power. No more messes with gasoline and oil, no more pull-start and wrecking my shoulders doing that. Thank you Joy and the Wind River Indian Baptist Church. You saving me from a lot of pain. While Joy, her son Duncan and her sister Mary where here, my friend Willie pulled up and handed me a box filled with hot bun's (the baked kind) and home made fudge.
So now I am sitting here, having coffee and fudge.


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