Kelley turns two! · 11/11/2008

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Two years has certainly gone by very fast it seems, especially when I look back at all of the pictures that I have taken of miss Kelley. She turned 2 on Nov 11, 2008. Her birthday was celebrated almost all week long with something going on. On her actual birthday, daddy and I took her to Toys R Us. Great Grandma Esther said she wanted to get Kelley her rocking her. So we went and picked it out. It is a Radio Flyer, motion activated sound rocking horse. Kelley just loves it and rides it with a purpose. The smile on her face is just pure joy. AHHH to be that happy with something so simple.

On Friday Nov. 15, 2008 at her mommy and me class I took in some cute little 2 bite cupcakes and everybody sang Happy birthday to her...

Then the next day on Saturday was her big birthday party at Jungle Land. Most of her friends were there and everybody had a great time. Kelley probably spent 90% of her time there in the jumpie!!! She loves jumping. Now because we only had a window of 2 and a half hours there, we did not open presents. So over the last several days we have been opening presents from all of her friends. Usually only one or two at a time as she wanted to really look at what ever the present was. She got lots of puzzles and other cool stuff. I think she has quit enough to keep her occupied.

GrandMa and Grandpa bought her a little toddler kitchen which I put together the other night. She made me some pretend mac and cheese. Gotta love having an imagination...So much fun. I just love being a mommy and sharing all of these great experiences with her.


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