Be Nice To Syd · September 25 1968

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Back in 1968 I was born and I was a girl. My parents had a good friend from Hawaii who was a girl also and her name was Sydne and so this is where I got my name. In my baby stage of life it wasn't a problem,but when I entered the cruel grade school age I was asked my entire young life~
" Why did your parents name you a BOYS name SYD ?
With that comment came hair on my arms. I began shaving my arms in the bath tub without my parents permission. I figured that the whole boys name thing and the hair on the arms was not helping my girly image.In fact I began shaving my legs and chest as well ( OK not chest but it sounded good ) I was literally hairless and still my name SYD haunted me from the 2nd grade on. One day after a Boy told me that Sydne was a boys name, I said ~
" Well, My names not really Sydne..........It's Robyn."
I laugh now, but for the rest of that year my school friends now knew me as-
" The Hairless Wonder Robyn. "
Why couldn't I be Cindy ? Like Cindy Brady of the Brady Bunch ? Cindy ? Cindy ? Cindy ? Why ? Why ? Why ? It wasn't until I got older that I finally met another girl named Sydne and was no longer alone in the world.My arm hair grew back a thick and beautiful brown and I finally retired the name of Robyn and became~
"Just Sydne "
Now days I am ever so popular ! Little girls everywhere are named Sydne and my neighbor girl was named after me ! Life is good in 2008 for girls ! See ya Cindy Brady !So Remember people ~



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