Luke's First Day of Kindergarten · 8/27/2008

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I know this is a little late, but hey at least I am getting it up!! All summer long Luke kept asking how many more days until he started kindergarten. He was so excited he could hardly wait, but I was nervous because he can be so shy. We went and met his teacher on the monday before he started and he wouldn't let go of my leg the whole time we were in the room. I was so afraid that he wouldn't let me leave when wednesday came around, but Luke told me he wouldn't be shy when he really started school. So he woke up at about 5:45 am all ready to leave, which wasn't until 7:45... Nate, Gabby, Lily and I walked him up to his classroom. He walked in, sat down at a table all by himself and waved goodbye to us!! I was shocked. I made him come back and take a picture with his teacher before he sat back down, and he wouldn't get too close, but he wasn't really afraid either. SO we left and when I came to pick him up he said, "Mom, kindergarten is as fun as going to the park!! I love it!!" He has loved everyday so far and I just hope that keeps up for a dozen or so more years!!


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