What Are Your Beliefs? · 5/14/2008

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What Are Your Beliefs?

I found this on Oprah.com.... i thought it was interesting and thought i would share it... i plan on using the my answers to the questions in future postings... have fun realizing your Beliefs!!


if you have never checked out Oprah's website, you should, it has so much great information and sites to check out.

Peace and Blessings,
What Are Your Beliefs?--- Life coach Cheryl Richardson

Our beliefs define who we are and help us make it through difficult times. But how many of us have truly considered what we really believe? Life coach Cheryl Richardson offers four steps to help you identify what your beliefs are and how to live a life that supports them every day. Whatever it is you believe most deeply, embrace it...and find strength.

It's time to look at your own life and examine your belief systems with these steps.

1. Recall a difficult past experience.

Most people have been through a challenging event—illness, divorce, loss of job, death of a loved one or dealing with the recent terrorist attacks—and we've all survived it.

What is a specific challenge you've faced in your life?

2. Identify a belief that helped you heal from that experience.

What belief did you adopt as a result of the experience?
Did it get you through the difficult time?
What did the experience teach you about coping with life changes?

If you don't know what your beliefs are, turn to the people in your life that have strong belief systems. Adopt their beliefs if they work for you.

What belief do they use to help them cope with difficult times?

3. What daily actions will you take to reinforce your beliefs?

How will you integrate these beliefs into your life?
What steps will you take to incorporate them into your every day experiences? With people?
Your career?
Your family life?

4. Are you living and behaving in a way that is consistent with your beliefs?

Be honest with yourself. Are you practicing these beliefs with integrity?

Having integrity means to live your life with honesty, to honor your word and your beliefs, and to take responsibility for all of your actions. If you are not living with integrity, your goals become hard to reach, you attract people that make you feel bad and you lose your trust in yourself, explains Cheryl.

Do you live your life according to what you believe? How?


feel free to add your beliefs here and lets share our thoughts,


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