Blurb is Slurping! · 4/29/2008

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After much time, Gunardi found the bug in our integration with Blurb and quashed it...

Now you can download Booksmart free and import all your text, comments, and photos into Booksmart on your desktop, and from there you can print beautiful professional-quality books. Everyone should do it!!!

On your Home page there is a link in the left column that says "Preserve Your Stories", and under that just click on Print Them in a Book...then download Booksmart.

Once you have Booksmart on your computer, start a new book, and after picking a title and format (which can be changed later), the next page says "Choose Your Starting Point" and in the "Starter Layouts" on the left you will see "Blog to Book"

Click on Blog to Book and up comes a list of blogs including OurStory...pick that, put in your OurStory login and password, and back comes a list of your profiles. Pick one of those profiles to start with and import all your stuff...

Then you will have a complete copy on your desktop in a book layout software...but don't stop there, now use Booksmart to layout the pages of your life story (or other collection) and you are ready to print!!

Let me know how you do.



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