Roll of Honour of Rhodesian Aircrew in WW II · September 3, 1939 - May 8, 1945

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Roll of Honour of Rhodesian Aircrew who made the Supreme Sacrifice and Died in Action while Serving with the Royal Air Force in World War II.

Please note that the original searching and recording of names was undertaken by Peter and Anne Cook and as such the Roll was originally printed in the book 'Pride of Eagles."
Subsequent to the book, Bill Musgrave spent many hours collecting additional information and in some cases some correction.
Readers should note that I have abbreviated rank terms to use available space.
ORAFs have a detailed listing should anyone want further information. ORAFs would like to retain the original copy to accommodate further changes.
Sincere thanks to all that were involved and I will always have fond memories of working and laughing with Bill Musgrave on this project. Sadly Bill is now no longer with us.
Eddy Norris

Surname Name Rank Date of Death Aircraft-Crew

ALBERTSON Arthur Ian Flt.Lt 02-Mar-45 Mosquito Pilot

ALLAN James Keir Sgt. 24-Apr-45 Spitfire IX Pilot

ALLEN-WHITE John Frederick Flt.Lt 11-Jan-42 Spitfire VB Pilot

ALLEN Neville Neil Fg.Off 24-Apr-42 Spitfire VB Pilot

ASHBY James William Sgt. 05-Jun-42 Air Gunner

ATKINSON John Campbell Flt.Sgt 24-Jul-42 Beaufort Pilot

AUDLEY Derek Dundonald Sgt. 24-Oct-42 Typhoon 1B Pilot

AUSTIN Frederick Hugh Sgt. 04-Apr-43 Halifax II Rear Gunner

AUSTIN William Henry Flt.Sgt 23-Aug-43 Lancaster Rear Gunner

AYLWARD-Sam Harold Edgar Fg.Off 29-Mar-45 Spitfire IX Pilot

BAKER Richard Henry Plt.Off 23-Jun-41 Pilot

BALDACHIN Sidney Douglas Sgt. 16-Aug-41 Hampden Pilot

BALLANTYNE John Fernie Flt.Sgt 16-Jul-42 Hurricane IIC Pilot

BALLOCH Albert Flt.Sgt 03-Feb-45 Lancaster Flight Engineer

BALSDON Desmond Ernest Fg.Off 10-Jun-44 Lancaster Pilot

BANKS Edward William Flt.Sgt 13-May-43 Lancaster Air Bomber

BARBOUR Francis Girvan Fg.Off 25-Jul-44 Spitfire IX Pilot

BARBOUR Stanley John Sgt. 16-Feb-41 Blenheim Pilot

BARLOW Leslie George Plt.Off 08-Jun-42 Spitfire VC Pilot

BARNETT George Andrew Sgt. 25-Feb-42 Hampden 2nd Pilot

BAZELEY John Selwyn Plt.Off 27-Nov-41 Hurricane I Pilot

BECKLEY Maurice George Sgt. 05-Nov-44 Lancaster Air Gunner

BELL Clive Fg.Off 03-Feb-43 Typhoon 1B Pilot

BELL Peter Hastings Sgt. 24-Oct-41 Hampden Pilot

BELLINGHAM Leslie Flt.Sgt 31-Jan-45 Liberator Pilot

BELTON Frederick Plt.Off 09-May-42 Lancaster Navigator

BENNIE "Jim" James Sgt. 12-Apr-45 Spitfire IX Pilot

BERNSTEIN David Elias Fg.Off 04-Dec-42 Pilot

BERRIDGE John Turner Sgt. 13-May-41 Hurricane I Pilot

BERRINGTON John Rayner Fg.Off 16-Mar-44 Lancaster Pilot

BIDDULPH Edward John Sgt. 25-Mar-42 Hampden Pilot

BIDDULPH Frederick Brian Flt.Lt 15-Aug-43 Typhoon 1B Pilot

BIRD Newton Fg.Off 10-Apr-43 Lancaster Rear Gunner

BLAND Joseph Arthur Sgt. 23-Apr-43 Lancaster Rear Gunner

BLIGNAUT Johannes J. Sgt. 08-Dec-42 Stirling Pilot

BOON Dennis Murdoch Flt.Sgt 10-Jan-43 Beaufort Pilot-Navigator

BORLAND Noel Vincent Flt.Lt 23-Apr-45 Typhoon Pilot

BOWER Kenneth Oswald Sgt. 10-Sep-42 Wellington Navigator

BOWKER Miles Brunette Flt.Lt 14-Apr-42 Maryland I Pilot

BOYER Henry Fg.Off 13-Feb-43 Hurricane IIC Pilot

BRIDGE John Desmond Flt.Lt 13-Nov-43 Mosquito Pilot

BROKENSHAW William Owen Flt.Sgt 30-Oct-43 Baltimore IV Air Gunner

BROOKE-NORRIS Sisson William Plt.Off 21-Dec-42 Wellington Navigator

BROOKS Francis Gilbert Sgt. 20-Feb-44 Lancaster Flight Engineer

BROWN Herbert Haig Sgt. 19-Dec-41 Wellington Pilot

BROWN Malcolm Penvil Sgt. 27-Apr-43 Wellington Navigator

BROWNE Cecil Edmond Sgt. 11-Aug-41 Spitfire II A Pilot

BRUNTON Peter Charles Fg.Off 03-Feb-42 Kittyhawk Pilot

BRYCE-JEFFERY Henry Edmund Sgt. 28-Dec-43 Marauder I Pilot

BUCKLEY David Grenville Fg.Off 11-Jul-41 Hampden Pilot

BURFORD Unick Edward Sgt. 20-Sep-42 Lancaster Air Gunner

BURL Alan Ponsonby Sgt. 27-Nov-40 Hawker Hardy Air Gunner

BUSHNELL Patrick William Plt.Off 19-Sep-40 Miles Master Pilot

CALCUTT Frank Keer Flt.Sgt 08-Dec-41 Hampden Pilot

CALCUTT Richard Keer Flt.Sgt 18-Jan-43 Lancaster Pilot

CARINE Patrick William Sgt. 31-Aug-41 Spitfire IIA Pilot

CASSON John (Jack) Plt.Off 27-May-44 Kittyhawk IV Pilot

CASSON William (Bill) Sgt. 12-Dec-42 Halifax Radio Op/Gunner

CHALLENGER Albert Edward Flt.Lt 06-Nov-44 Pilot Instructor

CHALMERS Gerald Graham Sgt. 11-Sep-42 Lancaster Rear Gunner

CHAMBERLAIN Herbert(Jimson)Sgt. 12-Oct-41 Hampden Pilot

CHAPLIN Arthur Russel Flt.Lt 17-Jan-43 Spitfire VC Pilot

CHOMLEY John Allison Plt.Off 12-Aug-40 Hurricane I Pilot

CLARKE Kevin James W.O. 25-Feb-45 Mitchell Air Gunner

COAKLEY Andre Michael Sgt. 28-Dec-42 Wellington II Air Gunner

COHEN Nathan Sgt. 04-May-43 Beaufighter Pilot

COLDREY Norman William Sgt. 19-Aug-42 Spitfire Pilot

COLEY Aubrey Wilson Flt.Sgt 07-Nov-42 Lancaster Navigator

COLLINS John Oliver Sgt. 17-May-41 Hawker Hardy Air Gunner

COLLYER Dennis Ralph Plt.Off 11-Dec-42 Halifax Air Gunner

COOKE Grimwood. Flt.Lt 22-Dec-42 Lancaster Pilot

COOKE Harold Sgt. 26-Jun-42 Whitley

COOMBES Clifford Fg.Off 21-Feb-45 Lancaster Air Gunner

COOPER Joseph John Sgt. 26-Jul-42 Lancaster Flight Engineer

COOPER William (Billy) Fg.Off 15-May-41 Hawker Hardy Pilot

COUMBIS Alexander Fg.Off 18-Jan-44 Wellington Pilot

COUSENS Alan George Wg.Cmd 22-Apr-44 Lancaster Navigator

COX Clive Arthur W.O. 03-Dec-43 Lancaster Pilot

COX Garth Ernest LAC 18-Dec-39 Wellington Air Gunner

COX John Christofer Flt.Lt 05-Mar-43 Tiger Moth Pilot Inst

CRANE William McDonald Sgt. 09-May-42 Lancaster Observer

CROXFORD Colin Desmond Fg.Off 04-Mar-44 Spitfire XI Pilot

CURNICK Denis Sgt. 29-Jan-42 Whitley WOP/Air Gunner

CULLIGHAN Patrick Joseph Plt.Off 26-Mar-45 Typhoon Pilot

CUNDIL Thomas Cedric Plt.Off 13-Aug-40 Hampden Pilot

DAVIES Arthur William Flt.Lt 24-Apr-44 Hurricane IIC Pilot

DAVIES Edwin Guy Sgt. 07-Jul-44 Wellington Air Gunner

DAWSON Ian Maclaren Sgt. 30-Jul-42 Spitfire VB Pilot

DAWSON Roland (Rolo) Flt.Lt 19-Aug-42 Typhoon 1A Pilot

DAY William Herbert Plt.Off 19-Sep-42 Lancaster Pilot

DEACON Norman Tudor Flt.Sgt 05-Dec-44 Lancaster Mid-Up.Gunner
DE BRAATH Dennis Napier Sgt. 02-Sep-41 Hampden Pilot

DEBEURIER Wilfred Eric Sgt. 31-Jan-43 Lancaster Flight Engineer

DEMPSTER George Wilson Sgt. 27-Feb-43 Wellington Air Observer

DE SMIDT Francis Foster Sgt. 14-Dec-41 Catalina Pilot

DEVEREUX Maurice Victor Plt.Off 19-Feb-42 Spitfire VB Pilot

DE VILLIERS Paul Jean Flt.Lt 30-Jul-43 Lancaster Air Bomber

DILL-RUSSELL John David Fg.Off 15-Feb-44 Lancaster Mid-Up.Gunner

DOLD Derek Owen Sgt. 16-Mar-42 Hampden Pilot/Navigator

DOMAN Gerald Anthony Sgt. 29-Aug-42 Halifax II Rear Gunner

DONALD Kenneth Neville Sgt. 12-Aug-43 Sterling Rear Gunner

DONALDSON William John Flt.Sgt.24-Feb-44 Beaufighter Pilot

DONNE Edward (Ted) Fg.Off 01-Apr-45 Typhoon IB Pilot

DRUMMOND Dougal Flt.Sgt 15-Feb-44 Typhoon IB Pilot

DUFF Peter R. Fg.Off 24-Aug-43 Catalina Pilot

DUNK Thomas William Fg.Off 08-Jun-44 Lancaster Rear Gunner

Du PREEZ Cornelius J. Sgt. 07-Sep-42 Stirling Rear Gunner

EARP JONES Charles L Flt.Sgt 26-Feb-43 Wellington Navigator

EDINGTON Alan Stewart Sgt. 16-Mar-42 Spitfire VB Pilot

EDMEADES Reginald H. Fg.Off 03-Nov-43 Baltimore Pilot

EDWARDS Felix Francis Plt.Off 13-Jun-42 Kittyhawk Pilot

EDWARDS Gordon Charles Flt.Sgt 26-May-42 Beaufighter Air Observer

ELLENBOGEN Percy Flt.Sgt08-Feb-44 Liberator Air Gunner

ELSWORTH John Pyott Sgt. 09-Apr-41 Hurricane Pilot

ERASMUS Charles Derek Sqdn.Ldr09-Mar-45 Typhoon IB Pilot

ERICKSON David William Plt.Off 30-May-43 Lancaster Pilot

EVANS Eric Vincent Flt.Sgt 22-Jun-44 Lancaster Rear Gunner

EVANS Kenneth A. Sgt. 18-Jul-42 Whitley Air Gunner

FARMAR John Anthony Sgt. 01-Jan-42 Spitfire VB Pilot

FIELDER Derek John Plt.Off 28-Dec-40 Hampden Pilot/Navigator

FINN Robert Cyril Fg.Off 02-Jan-43 Hurricane IIC Pilot

FISHER Leslie Frank Sgt. 07-May-42 Wellington Air Gunner

FLETCHER Martin Cargill Sgt. 10-Jan-42 Hampden Pilot

FORRESTER Ian Hugh Plt.Off 28-Jul-44 Typhoon Pilot

FORTUNE John Flt.Lt 14-Jan-42 Hurricane Pilot

FRANKLIN Arthur Vaughan Fg.Off 10-Nov-43 Sunderland Pilot

FRASER Edward Sgt. 27-Sep-43 Lancaster Mid-Up.Gunner

FRASER Kenneth Desmond Sgt. 30-Sep-42 Harvard Trainee Pilot

FRIEND William Arthur Plt.Off 28-Jun-42 Lancaster Pilot

FYNN Castle Blundin Plt.Off 01-Sep-41 Hampden Pilot

GAIN Robert Gordon Sgt. 29-Oct-41 Spitfire VB Pilot

GARDNER Charley Norman Sgt. 01-Aug-42 Lancaster Rear Gunner

GAROS Alexander Sgt. 21-Jun-42 Manchester Mid-Up.Gunner

GIBBINGS Graham John Plt.Off 10-Apr-43 Lancaster Air Bomber

GIRI Vincent Noel Fg.Off 20-Dec-42 Lancaster Flight Engineer

GLASSE Basil Henry W.O. 09-Mar-45 Wellington Air Observer

GOLDMAN Joshua (Jossie) Sgt. 19-Jun-41 Hampden Pilot

GOLDSMITH Norman Edward Fg.Off 17-Dec-42 Lancaster Pilot

GOODE Richard Gordon Plt.Off 18-Sep-40 Hampden Pilot/Navigator

GORDON George Arthur Plt.Off 11-Oct-41 Hampden Pilot

GOTTLIEB Abe Isadore Sgt. 05-Jun-42 Lancaster WOP/Air Gunner

GRAAF Dewhurst Plt.Off 08-Jul-44 Lancaster Pilot

GRAAF Stafford Sgt. 12-Sep-41 Hampden Pilot

GRAHAM John Luke Sgt. 27-Jul-42 Halifax Rear Gunner

GRANTHAM Tom Gordon Plt.Off 27-Apr-42 Spitfire VB Pilot

GREEN Dennis Arthur Sgt. 04-Sep-42 Wellington Pilot

GREEN Peter Charles Flt.Sgt 25-Dec-44 Typhoon IB Pilot

GREENFIELD Harry Moxon Sgt. 22-Jun-44 Lancaster Rear Gunner

GRUBER Rufus Isaacs Sgt. 10-Nov-42 Lancaster Mid Upper Gun

GRUBER Maurice Sgt. 09-May-42 Manchester Pilot

GUEST Ernest Melville Flt.Lt 04-Oct-43 Liberator Pilot

HACKNEY Thomas (Tommy) Fg.Off 07-Nov-42 Lancaster Pilot

HAGGER William John Flt Lt 06-Jul-42 Spitfire VC Pilot

HARROLD John Cheshire Flt.Sgt 19-Jul-44 Typhoon Pilot

HARTLEY John (Jock) Lt. 08-Nov-42 Swordfish Pilot (R.N.)

HARVEY Stafford Arthur Sgt. 31-Aug-41 Hampden Pilot

HARWOOD Ronald Plt.Off 12-Jan-43 Liberator Pilo
HALL Kenneth Esler Sgt. 17-Dec-41 Hampden WOP Air Gunner

HASLETT Frederick Speed Plt.Off 27-Apr-42 Spitfire VB Pilot

HAWORTH John Hereward Fg.Off 01-Nov-44 Lancaster Pilot

HAY George Sgt. 26-Jun-43 Lancaster Pilot

HAYES Laurence V Fg.Off 21-Jun-44 Mosquito Pilot

HAYTER A.R.H. Flt.Lt 06-Apr-44 Pilot

HEFFERON Alfred Victor Sgt. 06-Sep-43 Lancaster Rear Gunner

HELSDON Robert John Flt.Sgt 11-Apr-42 No Info

HENWOOD Thomas Henry Sgt. 04-Feb-43 Wellington Air Gunner

HEWETSON James Cecil Plt.Off 25-Feb-43 Beaufort Pilot

HILL James Cornelius Sgt. 24-Oct-41 Hampden Pilot

HIRST Reginald Frank Sgt. 21-Feb-42 Hampden Navigator

HISCOCK Reuben Oliver Flt.Sgt 24-Nov-43 Lancaster Rear Gunner

HODGE Donald Kinnear Plt.Off 08-Nov-41 Manchester 2nd Pilot

HOLMAN Frank Street Flt.Lt 19-Apr-41 Hurricane I Pilot

HOGAN William Edmund Sgt. 30-Jul-43 Halifax Rear Gunner

HOLLAND Christofer Fg.Off 14-Sep-42 Lancaster Pilot

HOPWOOD Verner James Sgt. 13-Feb-42 Hampden Pilot/Navigator

HORE Clive Sgt. 10-Jun-44 Lancaster Air Crew

HORE Eric Vivian Plt.Off 14-Jan-42 Hampden Pilot

HORNE Edgar (Bill) Flt.Sgt.02-Feb-43 Typhoon IB Pilot

HOROBIN Rhodes William Sgt. 18-Mar-41 Hawker Hart Gunner

HOUGH Gilbert Walter Sgt. 08-May-42 Lancaster Mid-Up Gunner

HOWARD Frank Stanley Sgt. 20-May-42 Spitfire VC Pilot

HULL Caesar Sqdn.Ld 07-Sep-40 Hurricane Pilot

HUNTER Colin Havard Sqdn.Ld 08-May-44 Lancaster Pilot

HUNTLEY Donald (Buzzer) Sgt. 14-Sep-42 Lancaster WOP/Air Gunner

HUNTLY Frederick Hope Sgt. 17-Sep-42 Lancaster Pilot

HYMAN Basil Flt.Sgt 30-Jul-43 Stirling Air Bomber

HYSLOP Robert Ironside Flt.Sgt 22-Jul-44 Baltimore Pilot

INGRAM Stuart Biddulph Plt.Off 20-May-44 Lancaster Rear Gunner

INNES James Gordon Sgt. 25-Apr-42 Spitfire VB Pilot

JACKSON Ashley Duke Wg.Cmd 06-Jan-44 Lancaster Pilot/ Mast.Bomb

JAMES Timothy Henry Sgt. 18-Aug-43 Lancaster Mid-Up Gunner

JAMIESON Andrew Patton Sgt. 11-Sep-42 Lancaster Mid-Up Gunner

JENKINS Richard W Sgt. 18-Jul-41 Spitfire II Pilot

JENKINSON Ian Sgt. 15-Feb-41 Harvard Trainee Pilot

JOHNSON David Huntly Plt.Off 11-Apr-42 Hampden Observ-Navigator

JOHNSON Noel Charles Fg.Off 30-Mar-43 Lancaster Pilot

JOHNSON Ronald Flt.Sgt 13-Apr-42 Hampden Pilot

JOHNSON William Paul Sgt. 02-Dec-43 Lancaster Rear Gunner

JONES Basil Everaad Sgt. 11-Jun-42 Wellington Observer

JONES Robert Charles Sgt. 24-Oct-41 Hampden WOP/Air Gunner

JOSS James Charles Sgt. 18-Mar-42 Wellington WOP/Air Gunner

KASCHULA Therald Lionel Plt.Off 18-Dec-41 Hampden Pilot

KEIL Hector Fg.Off 16-Dec-42 Spitfire VC Pilot

KENNEDY Patrick William Fg.Off 11-Apr-45 Lancaster Pilot

KERWIN Reginald Sidney Sgt. 12-Jun-43 Lancaster Flt.Eng/Pilot

KIMPTON Frederick (Fred)Cpl 26-May-40 Hawker Hardy Air Gunner

KLEYNHANS Cornelius W. Sgt. 09-Apr-43 Lancaster Rear Gunner

KNOESEN Benjamin G. Plt.Off 30-Jul-43 Lancaster Mid-Up Gunner

KOLITZ Louis Plt.Off 24-Jul-41 Wellington IC Air Gunner

LAING Alexander Sgt. 24-Oct-41 Hampden Air Gunner

LAMBERT Peter Dennis Sgt. 07-Dec-41 Pilot

LE BLANC SMITH Godfrey Michael Sgt. 01-Aug-41 Hampden Pilot

LEES Charles Ernest Plt.Off 08-Mar-42 Typhoon Pilot

LEGGO Douglas Cecil Plt.Off 20-Mar-42 Spifire VB Pilot

LENTIN Kenneth Flt.Sgt 07-Jul-44 Wellington Pilot

LEO Arthur John W.O. 19-Aug-42 Halifax Rear Gunner

LEVY Frank Fg.Off 15-Sep-44 Lancaster Pilot

LINTON Richard Henry Sgt. 20-Aug-42 Lancaster Rear Gunner

LOCK Gerald Edward Plt.Off 20-Mar-42 Hurricane Pilot

LOEWENSON Lois Jack Flt.Sgt 03-Jan-44 Lancaster Flight Engineer

LOGAN John Innes Sgt. 03-Sep-42 Wellington Navig/Observer

LOGAN John Stewart Plt.Off 16-Jun-41 Hurricane Pilot

LOGIE Frank S, Sgt. 18-Jan-43 Lancaster Rear Gunner

LOVE Wilfred Royce Flt.Sgt 17-Aug-44 Typhoon Pilot

LUCAS Ivor Theodore Sgt. 27-Jun-42 Baltimore Air Gunner

LUCAS Norham John Flt.Lt 05-Apr-45 Harvard Pilot Instructor

LUNDON Gordon David Fg.Off 03-Mar-43 Wellington Pilot

MACASKILL Allan Sgt. 23-Jul-42 Wellington Air Gunner

MACFARLANE Kenneth Lowe Sgt. 12-Apr-44 Wellington Air Gunner

MACGREGOR John Richard Fg.Off 13-Sep-44 Lancaster Flight Engineer

MACKAY Donald George Plt.Off 09-May-42 Lancaster 2nd Pilot

MacINTYRE Alexander Sqdn.Ld 15-Aug-43 Typhoon IB Pilot

MACKENZIE Angus Stewart Plt.Off 15-Mar-42 Spitfire VB Pilot

MACKENZIE Malcolm Sgt. 26-Jul-44 Spitfire IX Pilot

MacLAGAN Gerald Flt.Lt 09-May-42 Lancaster Pilot

MacLEOD Alexander Flt.Sgt 09-Jun-44 Lancaster Rear Gunner

McBARNET Edward William Sgt. 18-Aug-41 Hampden Pilot

McCLURE Charles Surtis Flt.Lt 09-May-42 Lancaster Navigator

McCORMICK William Hugo Flt.Sgt 20-Feb-44 Halifax Rear Gunner

McCOWAN John Alexander W.O. 14-Feb-45 Beaufighter Pilot

McELROY Ronald Flt.Sgt 19-Jul-44 Typhoon IB Pilot

McKECHNIE Donald Neil Fg.Off 27-Jul-44 Lancaster Pilot
McMAHON John Macintyre Sgt. 01-Aug-42 Lancaster Observer/Navig.

McNAIR Brian Robert Fg.Off 16-Jul-43 Lancaster Navigator

McNAMARA Lawrence Gerard Fg.Off 18-Dec-42 Lancaster Pilot

MAJOR Michael Wakeman Plt.Off 22-Jul-41 Hampden Pilot

MANSELL Neville B. Fg.Off 25-Apr-45 Spitfire IX Pilot

MARILLIER Hugh Maxwell Sgt. 07-May-42 Wellington Air Gunner
MARKIDES Paul Sgt. 25-Mar-42 Manchester Pilot/FlightEn

MARSTON Richard Alfred Sgt. 24-Mar-42 Lancaster Pilot/Flight Eng

MATETICH John Anthony Sgt. 15-Oct-41 Wellington IC Pilot

MATETICH Joseph Frank Sgt. 21-May-41 Blenheim Pilot

MATETICH Peter Thomas Flt.Sgt 04-Feb-44 Battle Pilot Instructor

MATTHEWS Gordon William Sgt. 04-Jul-41 Spifire IIA Pilot

MATTHEWS Keith Lash Sgt. 25-Aug-42 Wellington Rear Gunner

MAXWELL William Alexander Sgt. 06-Apr-45 Spitfire IX Pilot

MEYER Johannes Plt.Off 19-Jul-44 Typhoon IB Pilot

MILES Jack Sgt. 04-Apr-43 Lancaster Rear Gunner

MILLAR Frederick Sgt. 10-Aug-42 Baltimore Air Gunner

MILLER John (Dusty) Fg.Off 15-Feb-44 Typhoon Pilot

MILLER Kenneth Silver Sgt. 22-Dec-44 Lancaster Flight Engineer

MILLER Samuel (Billy) Fg.Off 08-Jul-42 Hurricane Pilot

MILLER Thomas (Tom) Flt.Sgt 17-Jan-43 Lancaster Flight Engineer

MILNE Denis Flt.Lt 26-Jul-42 Lysander Pilot

MITCHELL Colin Patrick Sgt. 18-Jan-43 Lancaster Flight Engineer

MOODIE Arthur Thane Plt.Off 17-Dec-43 Lancaster Flight Engineer

MOORE Arthur John Sgt. 01-Dec-41 Hampden Pilot

MOORE Sidney Montague Sgt. 08-Jun-42 Baltimore Rear Gunner

MORGAN Gilbert Plt.Off 01-Nov-40 Hampden Pilot

MORRISON Duncan Sgt. 06-Jul-41 Whitley 2nd Pilot/Navig

MOSS Brian Douglas Sgt. 17-Apr-42 Lancaster Pilot/Flight Eng

MORTIMER Cecil (Clive) Plt.Off 02-Dec-43 Lancaster Flight Engineer

MUNDY Ian Meynell Flt.Lt 25-Aug-44 Mustang III Pilot

MUNRO Ian Mackenzie Flt.Lt 03-May-43 Typhoon 1B Pilot

MUNRO Rioch Hamish Plt.Off 01-Jun-41 Hurricane Pilot

MURDOCH Alastair Fraser Sgt. 25-Mar-42 Lancaster Air Observer

MURRAY Donald Emslie Sgt. 12-Aug-02 Wellington WOP/Air Gunner

MURRAY Robert Aubrey Flt.Sgt 12-Aug-43 Wellington Air Gunner

MURTON Walter George Sgt. 31-Jan-43 Lancaster Rear Gunner

NAPIER Ronald Mac. Flt.Lt 14-Mar-44 Spitfire Pilot

NASH Jack Sgt. 09-Dec-41 Beaufort Observer

NELSON John Alan Sgt. 26-Apr-42 Baltimore Air Gunner

NESBIT Bertram L, Sgt. 09-May-42 Lancaster WOP/Air Gunner

NESBITT Robert William Flt.Lt 12-Jun-44 Typhoon 1B Pilot

NEVIT Joseph Douglas Sgt. 10-Jan-42 Harvard Pupil Pilot

NICHOLSON Dennis F, Plt.Off 25-Aug-42 Lancaster Pilot

NOBLE Mervyn Parnaby Flt.Sgt 29-Jun-43 Lancaster Air Bomber

NORTHRIDGE Robert Edward Fg.Off 07-Nov-43 Wellington Pilot

O'CONNOR Robert John Flt.Sgt 23-Nov-43 Beaufighter Pilot

OLDHAM Gordon William Fg.Off 27-Apr-44 Lancaster Pilot

OLVER Robert Duncan Sgt. 09-May-42 Lancaster WOP/Air Gunner

ORMISTON Ian Plt.Off 15-Apr-41 Blenheim Pilot

OSBORNE Gerald Glasson Plt.Off 28-Nov-42 Typhoon Pilot

OWEN Edgar (Boy) Flt.Lt 14-Oct-41 Hampden Pilot

PALMER Richard Henry Sqdn.Ld 21-Mar-45 Lancaster Pilot

PATTISON Cecil Vivian Sgt. 05-Sep-42 Lancaster Rear Gunner

PARKIN Graham (Gordon) Sgt. 29-Aug-41 Spitfire IIA Pilot

PAUL Alfred (Wally) Plt.Off 06-Oct-44 Typhoon IB Pilot

PAVLICH John Dennis Sgt. 20-Jun-42 Baltimore Air Gunner

PAYNE John Graham Sgt. 11-Jun-44 Lancaster Air Gunner

PEALL Haworth (Buster)Plt.Off 17-Apr-42 Lancaster 2nd Pilot

PENROSE George William Fg.Off 15-Jan-44 Lancaster Rear Gunner

PETERS Douglas Stewart Sgt. 15-Apr-43 Typhoon IB Pilot

PEYTON Hugh Chinnery Fg.Off 26-May-40 Hawker Hardy Pilot

PICKEN William (Bill) Flt.Lt 06-Mar-43 Lancaster Pilot

POLLOCK Edward James Fg.Off 19-Sep-43 Hurricane IID Pilot

POSSELT Arthur Francis Plt.Off 14-May-40 Fairy Battle Pilot

POULTON Dennis W.O. 08-Jan-44 Beaufighter WOP/Air Gunner

POWER Thomas Flt.Sgt 17-Apr-42 Manchester Flight Engineer

PRICE Evan Moffat Sgt. 26-Mar-42 Manchester Pilot

QUARENDON Roy Maxwell Fg.Off 08-Nov-42 Hudson IIIA Pilot

RAIL William Douglas Fg.Off 14-May-43 Lancaster Pilot

RAINSFORD Anthony Flt.Sgt 22-Mar-45 Lancaster Mid Up.Gunner

RAPKIN Eric Geoffrey Fg.Off 11-Mar-44 Spitfire V Pilot

RAMSAY Sydney Vincent Flt.Sgt 09-Jan-43 Lancaster Wireless Op.

RANDLE Colin James Plt.Off 08-Jun-43 Baltimore Pilot

REDFERN Leonard (Leon) Sgt. 27-Dec-41 Hampden Pilot

REED Clarence Sgt. 27-Mar-43 Wellington III Rear Gunner

REILLY Robert Partick Sgt. 12-Apr-42 Spitfire VB Pilot

REID Donald Thomas Sgt. 12-Feb-42 Spitfire VB Pilot

REID George Biddle Fg.Off 05-Aug-43 Hurricane IIC Pilot

REID George Thomson Sgt. 02-Jun-42 Wellington IC Rear Gunner

RENNIKER Peter Edward Plt.Off 09-Feb-41 Blenheim IV Pilot

REYNOLDS Lorimer Seymour Sgt. 04-Sep-43 Lancaster Mid-Up.Gunner

RHYNAS Stephen Sgt. 30-Dec-41 Pilot

RICHARDS Thomas Bryan Plt.Off 22-Jun-44 Lancaster Pilot

RICKLAND Tore Fg.Off 09-May-44 Spitfire IX Pilot

RIPSHER Charles David Sgt. 14-May-41 Hurricane I Pilot

RIX Peter Sgt. 01-Aug-42 Lancaster Mid Up.Gunner

ROBERTSON Francis Harold Sqdn.Ld 27-Jul-42 Lancaster Pilot

ROBINSON Derrick James Sgt. 03-Apr-43 Lancaster Air Bomber

ROGERS Neville John Sgt. 21-Jun-42 Manchester Rear Gunner

ROLFE Frank Edwin Sgt. 30-Nov-41 Hampden Pilot

ROSE William James Flt.Sgt 08-Nov-42 Lancaster Navigator

ROSE-INNES Cosmo (Pat) Sgt. 10-Oct-41 Hampden Pilot

ROSELT Adrian Ruysch Sgt. 04-Dec-44 Lancaster Rear Gunner

ROUX Theunis C. Fg.Off 29-Jan-43 Halifax II Pilot

ROWBOTTOM John Neville Fg.Off 29-Nov-44 Spitfire XIX Pilot

RUNDLE Cecil Richard Sgt. 08-Sep-42 Halifax II Rear Gunner

RUSSELL Henry Alfred Fg.Off 23-Oct-44 Lancaster Pilot

RUSSELL William Alan Flt.Sgt 09-Jul-43 Baltimore Pilot

RUSSELL John Flt.Lt 17-Sep-44 Wellington Pilot

SANGERHAUS Henry William Sgt. 13-Feb-42 Spitfire VB Pilot

SCHAFER Leonard (Lionel)Sgt. 29-May-42 Hudson Pilot

SCHOLTZ Neville John Plt.Off 22-Jun-44 Lancaster Pilot

SCHRAGGER Sidney Flt.Sgt.06-Jul-43 Hurricane Pilot

SCORROR Thomas Henry Plt.Off 08-Feb-41 Blenheim Pilot

SCOTT George (Paddy) Sgt. 28-Jul-41 Pupil Pilot

SCRIVENER Rendal Anthony Fg.Off 04-May-44 Lancaster Pilot

SEARLE Arthur Wescombe Plt.Off 05-Sep-41 Spitfire IIA Pilot

SHATTOCK Nicholas C, Plt.Off 09-Jan-43 Lancaster Pilot

SHELFORD Douglas F. Flt.Lt 06-Apr-42 Kittyhawk Pilot

SHEPHERD John Godfrey Plt.Off 02-Jul-41 Blenheim IV Navigator

SHEPPERSON Oswald Reynold Sgt. 10-Nov-42 Lancaster Rear Gunner

SMALL John Flt.Lt 15-Aug-43 Typhoon IB Pilot

SMALLIE Dan Norman Sgt. 28-Mar-45 Welllington Pupil Pilot

SIMMONDS Peter Hugh Fg.Off 14-Apr-42 Gladiator Pilot

SMIT Jacob L. Sgt. 24-Jun-42 Pupil Pilot

SMIT Louis Hendric Flt.Sgt 28-Sep-44 Oxford Pilot

SMITH Cecil George Flt.Sgt 05-Sep-43 Boston Air Gunner

SMITH Artur Ronald Sgt. 26-Jan-43 Spitfire VC Pilot

SMITH Denis Bensted Flt.Sgt 17-Sep-42 Hudson V Pilot

SMITH Eric Albert Flt.Lt 09-Jun-45 Spitfire IX Pilot

SMITH Edward (Teddy) Sgt. 27-Oct-41 Hampden Pilot

SMITH John Burton Sgt. 26-Jun-42 Halifax II Rear Gunner

SMITH Leonard Sydney Fg.Off 15-Mar-45 Lancaster Navigator

SMITH Reginal Newbald Flt.Sgt 07-Feb-42 Hampden Pilot

TRAILL-SMITH Patrick C. Plt.Off 12-Dec-40 Blenheim Pilot

SMITHYMAN Wilfred (Will) Plt.Off 19-Aug-42 Typhoon IA Pilot

SOUTHEY Jack Celtic Fg.Off 16-Feb-44 Lancaster Rear Gunner

SPENCE John Llewellyn Plt.Off 15-Sep-42 Typhoon IB Pilot

SPIERS Allan (Bob) Sgt. 27-Nov-43 Lancaster Mid Up.Gunner

STANFORD Nicholas James Fg.Off 05-May-43 Lancaster Pilot

STEVENSON Hew Russell Sgt. 09-Feb-43 Welllington Air Gunner

STEWART James Keith Plt.Off.19-Aug-42 Spitfire IX Pilot

STEWART John McWilliam Sgt. 29-Apr-42 Hampden WOP/Air Gunner

STIDOLPH Jack Plt.Off 12-Jan-41 Wellington Pilot

STILL John Plt.Off 20-Apr-41 Hurricane I Pilot

STOFFER Harry Murdoch Plt.Off 24-Apr-42 Manchester Pilot

STOWE Garth Clarke Sgt. 07-Feb-41 Hawker Hardy Air Gunner

STUDHOLME Ernest Stanley Sgt. 04-Sep-42 Pupil Pilot

STURGESS Hurbert John Sgt. 09-May-42 Lancaster 2nd Pilot/Fl.Eng

STUIVENGA Patrick Peter Sgt. 05-Oct-41 Spitfire VB Pilot

SUTHERLAND William Gordon Plt.Off 27-Nov-43 Wellington Pilot

SUTTON Peter Warren Fg.Off 25-Feb-45 Spitfire IX Pilot

SUSSKIND Chesney Brian 2nd Lt 21-Jan-45 Mustang III Pilot (SAAF)

TALENT George Frank Plt.Off 17-Jul-41 Hurricane I Pilot

TAYLOR Bertram (Bertie)Sgt. 05-May-43 Wellington Rear Gunner

TAYLOR Dennis Kibbey Sgt. 01-Aug-41 Wellington I Pilot

TAYLOR Ewart (Ding) Fg.Off 02-Dec-43 Lancaster Pilot

TAYLOR John (Jack) Fg.Off 07-Feb-41 Hawker Hardy Pilot

TETLY Norman Flt.Sgt 01-Aug-42 Lancaster Pilot

THEODOSIOU Panico (Theo) Flt.Lt 28-Apr-44 Spitfire IX Pilot

THOMPSON Charles (Alex) Sgt. 08-Dec-41 Spitfire VB Pilot

THOMPSON Roy Furnivall Sgt. 07-Feb-42 Hampden Pilot

THOMSON Douglas Lindsay Flt.Lt 03-Oct-43 Lancaster Air Bomber

THOMSON Reginald Hamilton Flt.Sgt 15-Jan-45 Lancaster Air Bomber

THOMSON Richard Keith Plt.Off 03-Aug-43 Typhoon IB Pilot

THORNTON Patrick (Daniel)Plt.Off 03-Nov-41 Tomahawk IIB Pilot

THWAITES John (Jack) Plt.Off 30-Aug-42 Blenheim IV Air Gunner

TIRAN Philip Vigens Flt.Sgt 26-Jan-45 Liberator Flight Eng.

TREACY Harold Robert Flt.Sgt 03-Jan-42 Oxford Pupil Pilot

TREBLE Terrence Bryce Sgt. 09-Sep-42 Wellington IV Air Gunner

TULLY John Adney Sgt. 27-Nov-41 Hampden 2nd Pilot/Navig.

TURNER Edward Albert Fg.Off 29-Nov-44 Halifax II Pilot

TYAS Neville S. Flt.Lt 18-Mar-41 Hawker Hart Pilot

TURKINGTON George Royce Flt.Sgt 19-Jun-43 Pilot

UREN Peter George Flt.Sgt 08-Jul-44 Lancaster Navigator

VAN DEEMTER Cecil Broughton Sgt. 10-Oct-41 Hampden WOP/Air Gunner

VAN DER MERWE Nicholas Petrus Sgt. 20-Sep-41 Hampden Pilot

VAN LELYVELD Jacobus Peter Sgt. 01-Oct-42 Halifax II Air Gunner

VELDSMAN Johannes J. Sgt. 28-Apr-43 Lancaster Rear Gunner

VERNEY James Way Fg.Off 14-Jun-43 Fortress II Pilot

VENTER Peter Johannes Sgt. 17-Apr-42 Lancaster WOP/Air Gunner

VICKERS Paul Vernon Sgt. 21-Jan-44 Lancaster Mid Up.Gunner

WALLEN James Bernard Flt.Sgt 28-Dec-42 Dakota Pilot

WALLIS-STOLZLE Ronald Walter Plt.Off 09-May-41 Whitley Navigator

WYLAM-WALKER Norman Plt.Off 08-Dec-40 Whitley V Nav/Pilot

WALSH John Harvey Flt.Sgt 05-Apr-43 Lancaster Pilot

WARD Michael C. Fg.Off 17-Apr-45 Spitfire IX Pilot

WARD Peter Radcliffe Fg.Off 23-Feb-43 Wellington IC Pilot

WAREHAM John William Sgt. 25-Apr-42 Kittyhawk III Pilot

WALSH Wilfred Aidan Plt.Off 02-Feb-42 Hurricane I Pilot

WARREN-SMITH Lyster Flt.Sgt 25-Mar-42 Lancaster Pilot

WATSON Robert Grant Sqdn.Ld 03-Sep-43 Lancaster Pilot

WATT Archibald Allen Sgt. 07-Sep-41 Hampden Pilot

WATT Archibald C, Sgt. 29-Dec-41 Hampden Pilot

WATT Kenneth Roy Sgt. 03-Oct-43 Lancaster Rear Gunner

WEBBER Sydney Ralph Plt.Off 13-Apr-45 Baltimore Pilot

WEBSTER Leonard Raymond Sgt. 08-May-42 Lancaster Nav/Bomb Aimer

WELBY Edward Hugh Sgt. 13-Jun-42 Spitfire VB Pilot

WELLS Stanley (Arthur)Plt.Off 27-Sep-41 Tomahawk Pilot

WHITE Brian Domley Flt.Lt 07-Dec-41 Hurricane I Pilot

WHITE Willima Proffit Plt.Off 29-Jan-44 Halifax Rear Gunner

WHITBREAD Roy Edward Plt.Off 24-Feb-44 Lancaster Mid Upper Gunner

WHITEFORD Cyril John Sgt. 13-Oct-41 Spitfire V Pilot

WILLIAMS Ernest Leopold Flt.Lt 14-Feb-45 Mosquito Pilot

WILLIAMS Robert Ernest Flt.Sgt 14-Sep-42 Lancaster Navig/Observer

WILLIS George Harold Plt.Off 21-Apr-43 Halifax II Rear Gunner

WILLIS Ivan Gerald Fg.Off 21-Jan-43 Halifax Navig/Air Observ

WILSON Eric Benjamin Plt.Off 25-May-44 Halifax Pilot

WOODALL Jack William Sgt. 28-Dec-41 Hampden Pilot

WOODHOUSE Geoffrey C. Fg.Off 11-Apr-45 Lancaster Flt.Eng/2'Pilot

WOODVINE Arthur Bradley Sgt. 12-Apr-44 Lancaster Flight Engineer

WORRALL Charles (Charlie) Fg.Off 03-Feb-45 Lancaster Pilot

WRAITH James Osborn Plt.Off 06-Oct-42 Hudson IIIA Observ/Navig.

WRIGHT Russell Albert Fg.Off 01-Nov-42 Spitfire VB Pilot

YORKE Peter Fg.Off 04-Dec-44 Lancaster Navigator

YOUNG Stanley Ryder Plt.Off 23-Nov-42 Lancaster Pilot

YOUNG William John Sgt. 15-Dec-41 Hampden Pilot


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