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How to win a girls heart?  - february 1988 This is a public

hi sweetie, start writing

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i fell in love with victoria (tori) soon after we met. she has a smile that makes me melt.

Of course, she was dating some other guy when we met. they both worked together at a western store called BUFFALO TRADING COMPANY. I was the general manager. one day she seemed upset at the store. i asked her what was wrong. she said that a schedule conflict prevented them to go to some rodeo on sunday. i told her that i would work her shift so that she could go. I also said " u know, i'm not doing this for him... i'm doing this for you"...

a few days later, i was the new boyfriend. i will never forget our first kiss. comming in on my day off was the best move i have ever done.
we met in december of 1987. moved in together in 1988... engaged by the end of 1988, and married on friday july 14th, 1989.

i can honestly tell you that today (aug 2, 07') we are having the time of our life.


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