Heros Quiz Bug · 5/2/2007

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If any one out there has added the Heros Quiz to your story and have noticed that it broke your page layout, like it did to MeadowRose's (see below), there is a fix for that problem.

I looked at the HTML snippet that they give you, and found a bug in it. Nothing serious, but they have an extra tag in there that is breaking the page layout. The way to fix it so it doesn't do that any more is to delete the "div" tag at the end of the code they give you. You can do this as you make your post, oor you can go back and edit your post if you've already added this quiz. Look at the image below to see the part you need to delete.

This is not an OurStory bug, this problem is caused by the quiz site

I hope that helps out :)


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