The Younger Mom and Dad · 5/5/1935

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Here's a little of what I know about Mom and Dad's younger years.

Dad arrived in this country in 1926, following his brother John. Dad's first stop was at his Aunt Mary's Dairy farm in Shawnee. Aunt Mary married a Kuhnen and he ran a dairy farm. Dad worked at the dairy for an unspecified amount of time and then got a job at Rudy Patrick Seed Company. He stayed at Rudy's until he retired in, I think, 1970.

Mom arrived in this country in 1930 also following her siblings..Nora, John, Pat and Margaret. She was a maid at Barstow school.

I think Mom and Dad met at an Irish gathering in about 1931 or 1932. They were married in 1934, participating in a double wedding with Aunt Nora and Uncle Ed Lynch.

This picture sums up Mom and Dad. Dad was always being playful, loving to have fun and poke fun. Mom was more stoical even though she enjoyed a good time and was always a good hostess. Mom, especially, loved to dance.

When I was a kid, I remember travelling with Mom and Dad to Mom and Aunt Nora's cousin's home. Pat and Maureen McNellis were also fun-loving folks and before long they would roll up the dining room rug (you could do that pretty easily with the popular area rugs of the day), Pat would bring out his fiddle and everyone else would dance up a storm while Pat played a jig or a reel.

Dad's style of dance was characterized by us kids as the "Elephant Dance" because of the way he would stomp the floor with his heel much like one sees the dancers in Riverdance do.

There are more stories to tell about Mom and Dad - especially Dad's adventures upon arriving in this country. There's also a juicy tale about uncle John, Dad's brother.

Mom's family was also pretty nutty. Uncle John Halloran was quite a character and led a very colorful life. He and Aunt Nora had similar personalities. John's son Gerald was a legendary character known far and wide for his escapades.


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