Kathy's thoughts on Chapter 1 · 4/4/2007

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Hi everyone,

I have finally read the Prologue and Chapters 1 & 2. Maybe we should make this monthly (to post)...has everyone gotten a copy of the book?

My thinking so far is this. I feel that Barack is a thoughtful, bright and dedicated man. He is also optimistic without being idealistic. Needing a better definition for how I would describe him, and ultimately, my own political sense of the world, I surfed over to Wikipedia. There I found some interesting definitions for the philosophical term, "idealism." I think I am a subjective idealist.

Obama spends the first chapters discussing his role in the political world. He says he knows that politics is a "full-contact" sport and that he knows the horrible state we are in today, our politics not matching our policies. He describes the down-to-earth, but genuinely concerned for their communities-people he met on the campaign trail and the inability of Washington to represent and present, real options for our future, to the American people.

I like this blend of honesty, humility, reality and optimism. He even weaves in his own sentiments of anti-imperilism in college, feelings of immense partriotism and defines the awkward juxtaposition of the many issues that come to the crossroads in American politics.

Politics should be personal, as it once was in this country. We are all affected by politics every single day; the parking spot we take, the rights we have or don't have, the media stories we can or can't listen to or read objectively, the taxes we pay that go to fund things, and by the businesses that we support...

But in my opinion, we are held back from truly exhibiting democratic values by our own enslavement to our televisions, to the corporate media and to the warring factions in Washington. Polarized, pitted against each other...we begin to think that the "game" of politics is ugly.

I think a leader like Obama could bring together the tapestry of discontent in this country and give us the 'Audacity to Hope'.



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