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OurStory in Education: New Exportable Timeline  - 4/3/2007 This is a public

Hello Educators, Hope you are enjoying a lovely spring break. I want to offer you a FREE premium account at OurStory. All you have to do is answer one easy question. Just last week, we launched an amazing new feature, an "Exportable Timeline that Plays!!." I'd like to hear how you might use this too for your class units. For ALL educators who email or message me the answer, I will uprgrade your OurStory account to a FREE premium account. This cool "export" feature allows you to quickly add any timeline you create on OurStory to other web sites, for example, posting a photo-history or narrative timeline to your district site, your school or class blog, or to create a timeline for a community history or science project. Here's an example. I took my personal history timeline of stories from OurStory, and in three quick steps, added it to my blog. It's super easy to do. Here's how: 1) Click the "Export" button under your timeline. 2) Select what color and size you want your timeline to be. 3) Copy the code and paste it whereever you want. Have fun! Don't forget to answer the question to get a FREE premium account (more cool stuff for free!). Warmly, Kathy Bisbee, OurStory Education

Answered by: Lathrop Technology Magnet School

In our intermediate school we are going to use Our Story with the students as a way for them to tell personal stories. We are also planning to use it to document activities that take place in class- science experiments and such. The export feature will make it a nice, easy way for teachers to display content- (history, art, fictional characters and events) on the school website or their own blog. I have started a timeline documenting the work and the progress we are making as a professional learning community in our effort to improve our school.


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