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What Grade and Subject Do You Teach?  - 3/8/2007 This is a public

Welcome to the OurStory eduction pilot project. Please introduce yourself! What grade and subject do you teach? Or, are you an administrator, tech coordinator? How long have you been in education? How do you plan to use OurStory?

Answered by: Kathy

I'm Kathy, the OurStory coordinator for the pilot project.

I have a background in non-profits, activism and technology. I spent one summer teaching a technology class at a local community college. For four years I taught web design, online marketing, ecommerce and basic Internet classes at local Internet service provider. I have taught workshops on digital storytelling, media and outdoor education.

I've also taught teachers how to use online tools. I love to teach and helping educators use technology in the field!

Can't wait to hear all of your stories!

Kathy Bisbee


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