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The Judgement *

Many faiths have a principle of judgement, that is, based upon some factors in the conduct of this life, there will be consequences meted out by the higher authority in a subsequent life or period or for all eternity...karma, hell, martyrdom, reincarnation ladders, all of these raise important questions about how we should live now in respect of The Judgement.

Belief in The Judgement, or non-belief in The Judgement gives rise to some interesting discussion...

  1. How do we reconcile judgement with the principle of forgiveness?

  2. How sincere does repentance have to be in order to wash away sin?

  3. Is there absolution grantable by religious authority?

  4. What rights and obligations do we have by incarnation in a preferred form?

  5. What is the role of evil in establishing the justice of Judgement?

  6. Any other questions you might care to pose....


Tara Bachofen began a very interesting discussion by posing the initial question around disproportionate consequence: How can the consequence of a finite and imperfect existence here result in eternal damnation or glory? Read this thread here: Question about Christianity, Time, Judgment

* I use the spelling "judgment" when I mean discriminating rationality, as in "she showed good judgment." I use the spelling "Judgement" to mean the behavior that gives rise to a "sentence" or new qualification for the being so judged, as in "he will have to suffer the harsh judgement of the leader"

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