Open that Door · 5/2/2018

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I remember this time when we had received bad news that our daughter would have to have a second brain surgery. I was in my basement crying, as to protect my other children from seeing me or from being afraid and knowing something was wrong. Children are supposed to be children, playing and laughing and not carrying a load of stress. So I hid quietly in my basement and sobbed. With red eyes and a heavy heart I saw my friend come around the corner. I was so embarrassed at my swollen eyes and my appearance. I had not invited her over she just showed up. She hadn’t even heard the news and wondered what was going on. She hugged me and didn’t stay long but she comforted me.
Had that friend called I probably would have not answered and If I did answer I would have probably said I was busy and to visit another day, not wanting this friend to see me looking like a wreck and not wanting her to feel my load. As I have matured, I have come to realize that we all have those days of swollen eyes, messy hair, no makeup and sometimes a messy house which causes us to keep the door shut. I mean who wants to be invited into that? And then I have thought about the times when I have been to a friends in need and I don’t remember much about their surroundings or how their appearance was, all I remember is “How can I bring some comfort to this friend, what can I do for her?.”
So the reason for this post is this morning in all of my wisdom, I woke up and didn’t run a comb through my hair or wipe the old mascara off my eyes. I sat down in my chair in my sweat pants and shirt with no bra. I began reading my scriptures when I hear a knock on my door. Immediately I take cover and think it must be the mailman bringing something to my door. Who could it be this early in the morning and there is no way I am opening that door! I wait, I duck, and within minutes I see my old little 3 year old Sunbeam that was in my primary class at church and her mother. They had come for a visit and now they were on their way around the corner. How shallow am I? I was heartbroken as I thought about how excited children get to go visit a friend. I knew my Sunbeam had come to see me as I am not close friends with her mother yet I didn’t open that door. So with that I write. I ponder. I think. “Sydne open that door.” Certainly the three year old would be honest and wonder why my hair was messy haha I’m sure she might even wonder why my makeup was off, after all it is the sweet innocence and honesty that Inlove about children, but she was my friend, my three year old friend who knows my heart and has sang songs with me, colored pictures with me and said prayers with me.She hasn’t come to judge me she came to laugh with me. Shame on me, Sydne open that door.


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