Miracles · 4/21/2018

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Some things provoke a memory that grabs your heart and causes an ache that you haven’t felt for awhile. Tonight that ache has returned to my heart . We lost a good friend of ours last night. The news of his passing came as a shock. He had a brain tumor and an aneurism that took his life quickly...Brain tumor is a phrase thatquickly turns my stomach to knots and with that comes a fresh, perfect, exact memory of a painful heartbreaking time in our families life. A time that we feared for our young daughters life. My heart ached, tears rolled until the ducts went dry, my knees hurt from kneeling as I spoke and pleaded with my Heavenly Father for a miracle for this precious gift he had blessed us with. Our oldest daughter who was only 9 years young at the time. I had never felt so close to my Heavenly Father as I did during that time. I had never felt His love more powerful and it came because at that point in my life I had to believe He was there and as I had been taught my whole life, I absolutely knew He was there. I prayed out loud and called to Him and He came. His embrace warmed me and I felt his presence. Our daughter was healed and the miracle I pleaded for happened. It happened because I finally turned it over to Him, I trusted Him and I knew with my whole heart that He had a plan for our families and I had to be ok if He chose to take her home, which is the hardest things I have ever done, but did I trust my Heavenly Father? I Did. No matter what I wanted I had to trust the will of my Father and I did. I Did because I had been taught that our families were forever and that we were sealed together. I knew it was true.
Tonight I left my sweet daughters house, now 26, married with a new baby. I was reminded of the miracle and I began to cry. My heart was broken for my friend who left a wife and his children so suddenly. As I cried my youngest boy Carsen was playing Xbox he saw me pass bye him with tears in my eyes. He stopped, took his headset off, walked away from his game and hugged me. He said “Mom it’s ok, we understand the plan of salvation and Cecil will be with his family again.” Carsen my 17 year old boy hugged me and that hug felt like what I had felt before, I felt the love of my Heavenly Father embracing me and my Savior who suffered all these pains before. And here came the miracle again as my son hugged me I knew that he knew his Savior and his faith in God was there. I could not ignore the spirit I felt and decided that I should write down my thoughts and my gratitude for faith, for children, for life, for miracles and for all things to come. For Temples where families are sealed together forever.


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