FISHHEAD · 4/19/2018

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Remember the great meals here!?
Note the bar next door. Don’t recall the name in the 1970’s. We received a burglary in progress at this bar. On arrival Sgt. Ed Haney was already there. The front window glass shown was broken out. We could see a suspect moving around inside in the dark. The Sgt. said someone has to go in and unlock a door as the window was too small for him to get through. He looked at me (the smallest officer there) and reached out; lifted me up; and basically threw me through the window! However—-halfway through my gun belt got hung up on something and caught causing me to stop and drop headfirst. So.... there I hung. Upside down. Half in the bar. Half out. And a possibly armed suspect watching from the darkness. The Sgt. was trying to unhook me while I tried to spot the suspect. All is upside down to me! Finally I was unhooked and I crashed to the floor. I immediately moved to the door and unlocked it. The Sgt. and others that had arrived burst in and quickly located the burglar. It was “Fish Head” Wetzel! A chronic petty criminal we were VERY familiar with. He was totally non-violent in all our other arrests; so if I had known who it was I wouldn’t have worried so much about being shot. ”” Wetzel I wonder what happened to him? ?


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