Youre gonna miss this · 3/2/2018

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I remember a time as a young mom trying to navigate through the mall with two toddlers and a baby. It was clearly nap time and we all became very irritated. My oldest Laken was walking, while Landon was riding in the stroller and I was doing the one armed push while holding Hayden in a dead sleep with my free hand. Laken began crying that her legs were so tired they were breaking and decided that it was her turn for the stroller ride. Against Landon's will, Laken jumped in the stroller on her brothers lap causing my Walmart bargain on wheels to only turn right. After going in circles for a good five minutes Landon started crying, Laken started crying and Hayden the sleeping baby started crying. We were quite a site. It took about 15 minutes to get Laken out of the stroller all while she screamed "Don't spank me mom! Don't spank me!" Spank me? What is a spanking? This is a child who had never been spanked a day in her life. People were staring at me as if they had paid for a bad movie when suddenly In my despair with tears beginning to surface I thought "Maybe I'm not good at this." At that moment I caught in the corner of my eye an aged weathered smile of someone who had been there before. A wise mother, now with grey hair seemed to find delight in watching my struggle. She smiled, laughed a little and said "Soon they will grow up and your gonna miss this, enjoy the moment." My mother was right.


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